10 Ways to Get Rid Of Bruises


Inevitable accidents happen to us every single day while we do our chores can lead to bruises. They heal according to the depth of the damage; it may take just a couple of days or weeks and even a month if the bruising is really very severe. Those that take a longer time to heal can halt specific tasks in our daily activities because of the bothersome pain that it can inflict unto us.

When our capillaries; the smallest blood vessels in the body; are injured, it tend to burst which causes the blood to accumulate outside it and just underneath the skin making it very visible in the form of a bruise. The apparent occurrence of the blood in the tissues will give off a kind of reddish discoloration to the skin. Although there is no treatment for this kind of impairment and or specified strategies on how to get rid of a bruise to be considered as a direct cure, the pain and or the inflammation that it causes can be minimized through some ways. Below are some tips on how to get rid of bruises.

  1. Put a cold compress.

To get rid of a bruise and the pain that it brings, you can simply apply a cold compress to soothe and decrease and or halt further inflammation. You can do this by enfolding some ice cubes inside an ice pack or a towel or a bag first; whichever suits you best. Then you can put what you have prepared on the bruising part until you can visibly see the reduction of the swelling. The previous process can be done from time to time in order to get a fast result. However, if you lack a component of the first option then you can just soak a tissue in a very cool water and place it over the bruise for over 5-10 minutes and or until you cannot feel the cold surface of the tissue.

  1. Elevate the part of your body where the bruising is found.

By doing so, you will be able to get rid of a bruise with the hope of making the accumulated blood outside the tissues circulate into your system; thus taking away the discoloration of the skin. With the whole mechanism at hand, the blood will continuously be sucked in and out of the blood vessels until it becomes a part of the circulation. However, considering that the blood was beforehand a composition of the capillary, there may be particulates that are not welcome in specific parts of the body’s system.

  1. Put some parsley onto the skin.

If you search and or ask your fold about how to get rid of a bruise or something specific like how to get rid of a bruise on your face then you will get a lot of answers that may include the use of some herbal medicine. Parsley is known to be a very good source of antioxidants and other components for skin enhancement. It is very a very convenient use for reduce the pain and get rid of the damage once and for all. You only have to get a few pieces of the herb then crush it and spread all over the skin in which the bruising is very apparent.

  1. Place some Arnica over the bruising.

Arnica is best known for the health benefits that it provides in the skin. It is a medicinal flower that can be found in many cream and gel products used for skin enhancement. This is considered to be a natural way on how to get rid of a bruise. Although you will have to put some expense with this treatment, you can be guaranteed that this is effective. You can buy products from drugstores near you and start the application so that you can detach yourself from more pain and hassle.

  1. Suitable products after putting a hot compress.

A hot compress can be quite painful especially if you are aiming for a solution on how to get rid of a bruise on your face. In comparison to a cold compress, it can be more aggressive. However, it can have faster results because of the dissimilation of the blood underneath the skin for circulation in the body’s system. This is why there are certain skin products that are out in the market to suppress the pain and or the bothersome feeling that comes after having this kind of regime. You can opt to buy natural creams and or lotions for this cause.

  1. Use Bromelaine.

If you are really very eager to hasten the reduction of inflammation caused by the bruising, you can always use Bromelaine. It is an enzyme which can help facilitate the quick activation of protective and fighting cells in the body which are causing the bump that is seen on your skin. The origin of the enzyme can be traced in the stems of a pineapple giving you guarantee of its natural and effective ways. You can buy this stuff in drugstores and it is very easy to use. You just have to drink the supplements twice and even thrice a day for quick results. It is considered one of the safest ways on how to get rid of bruises since it is all natural.

  1. Use Witch Hazel.

This product is deemed to be very effective in getting rid of the pain caused by the bruise. By putting some of it onto the skin, it will instantly give off a soothing feeling. It is also very easy to use considering that you just have to dip a cloth into the mixture and place it over the bruised area. Also, if you do not have any access to this kind of product, then you can opt to mix vinegar with water which has also been proven to make a fast approach if you want to know how to get rid of bruises effectively.

  1. Take in an abundance of Vitamin K and Vitamin C.

We all know that vitamins help our body cope up with the external factors that may harm it. Taking in supplements that have large quantities of both Vitamin K and C helps the depletion of bruising. They hasten the process and make the clots disappear faster in the process thus preventing the long stay of discoloration of the skin. Also they can build up and or regenerate a new set of collagen for the damaged part.

  1. Make use of topical ointments.

One of the many ways to deal with the complication on how to get rid of a bruise on your face is using topical ointments. There are many over the counter products that are included in this bracket that helps in hastening the process of the treatment. You don’t have to worry about any prescription because these products can be obtained even without a consultant’s word.

  1. Gently massage the bruised area.

To help the part of your body that wherein the blood is stuck, you need to massage it as gentle as you can. This helps the circulation of the blood and get all the anatomical processes going. It is a very important thing to put in mind that you must not place too much pressure on the bruised area to avoid further damages.