15 Magical Home Remedies to Treat Acne – How to get rid of Acne Overnight

AcneAcne is a painful appearance on the skin causing equal embarrassment in public. Waking up with Acne is something no one even dreams of, specially if you have plans for the day. Acne scientifically termed as acne vulgaris, is a pus filled cyst that is formed on the skin due to blockage of the dirt and oil accumulation in the open pores. Acne if picked on or left untreated can leave scars behind, which can be difficult to remove. The only question that we all are left with is how to get rid of acne overnight?

Acne is a common condition in teenagers, however, is also seen in adults with over-active sebaceous glands. It can occur on face, neck, chest, shoulders or on the back. There are many creams or gel formulations available in the market targeting the stubborn acne or the scars, but they succeed only up to a certain level. Also, there are different professional and medical treatments available to get rid of acne. However, before venturing in to them, we can try out some home remedies and see how to get rid of acne overnight:

  • Application of turmeric, cloves and sandalwood paste to the affected area will help get rid of acne overnight.
  • Rub ice cube on the affected area to numb and sooth the inflammation and swelling.
  • Apply a paste of tomato over the face as a mask for twenty minutes and wash off. It will instantly reduce the redness of the acne.
  • Rub the face with potato and wash off after sometime with warm water to get rid of acne overnight.
  • Mint mask when applied on face cools the affected area, relieving the pain and unclogs the pores of dirt and grime, thereby helping to get rid of acne overnight effectively.
  • Egg white mask is an equally effective remedy to close the pores, thereby reducing the size of the acne.
  • Application of honey mask also does wonders for your skin to get rid of acne overnight magically, with its antibacterial properties.
  • Diminish the acne with a strawberry face mask and thereby kill the bacteria.
  • Apply garlic paste on the acne that helps get rid of acne considerably and wash off.
  • Dab on some aloe vera gel to the affected location to get rid of acne overnight.
  • Fresh papaya juice works as an exfoliant to reduce the redness and the size of the acne effectively.
  • Nutmeg scrub with milk is another exfoliant that can help reduce acne to a large extent.
  • Apply fenugreek paste to get rid of acne overnight and wash off next morning to see the effect.
  • Lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda application on the inflammated acne is an equally effective remedy.
  • Essential oil such as tea tree oil is another remedy which has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties to help get rid of acne overnight magically.

Apart from the above remedies to get rid of acne overnight one should ensure a healthy lifestyle by eating diet rich in fibers, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, follow an exercise regimen, ingest lots o water and fluids, take proper rest to avid stress, wear sunscreen and avoid sun and pollution as much as possible. With all these precautions, one is sure to not ask for how to get rid of acne overnight for future.