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The undesired cousins of butterflies: how to get rid of moths

Isn’t it ironic that a family member of something so beautiful can become such a nuisance in our homes?  If you are reading up on how to get rid of moths, chances are that your home is already infested by them. Moths are relatively harmless-looking but can cause a lot of damage to almost everything

Wrinkles and Remedies

Wrinkles are of greatest concern mostly among today’s women and men to a much lesser extent. Such, because men have a tougher skin whereas soft female skins are prone to getting wrinkled, creased, spotted and blemished easily. Excessive stress – emotional and physical, changing climate, glaring sun, evermore UV radiation and pollution lead to skin

The Nitty-gritty of Gnats

Gnats are cause of tremendous irritation in household. These little flies spoil foods, house plants and the flapping inside a residence is definitely never welcome. Gnats generally feed on plants, mainly fungal gnats threat mushrooms, conservatory and potted plants. These insects grow in grimy and damp area. Some of the gnats are even carnivorous. Black

Shoo Away the Stinky Skunk

Skunks are the small black and white striped, thick tailed animal notorious for spreading bad odour. It is mostly found in North America, right through United States up to Central Canada in the north and some parts of Mexico and belongs to surfeit group. Stink badgers or hog nosed skunks are found in Philippines, Malaysia

Run-down a Runny Nose

During a season-change, catching cold is the most common phenomenon and runny nose and eyes, cough are the typical symptoms of that. The ever-escalating pollution and germs add to the affliction. Increasing impurities in air give rise to a lower immune system which easily catches viruses even at nominal contact. Antibiotic pills make things even

Ruffle the Dandruffs

Dandruff is a huge problem mainly for those who have long hair.  It is basically a fungal infection caused both by over-oiliness and dryness. Staying out in dust and pollution for long time coupled with sun and sweat attract grime, soot etc. leaving the scalp greasy. And eventually not washing hair properly and regularly triggers

Good Riddance to Yeast Infection

Like any other infection, Yeast Infection too is caused by fungal growth. Certain amount of microorganism including fungus, in system is healthy but overpopulation takes a toll on health in various ways. Moisture and heat heightenfungal growth, be it in or outside of body. Excess amount of temperature and moisture get trapped in pores of

Fix that Static on Clothes

Static electricity is generated by the rubbing of two dry substances against each other which typically in clothing, produces a static cling. This can look really unpleasant in formal gathering or anywhere out. Statics are more visible and discomforting on delicate fabric than natural ones. Fine and light materials like silk, chiffon, linen etc. get

Get the acne off your Chest

Acne is like any other common skin problems such as pimple, blackhead etc. Some have innate tendency of developing usual skin problems, the likes mentioned above, easily and sometimes it is also caused by external factors. Intense formation of Sebaceous follicles, chiefly on face, upper part of the chest, and the back manifests as acne.

Basic Facts About Corn

Thickening of skin, mainly under the feet, or in other places of feet, caused by repeated pressure due to walking or any other over activity of feet is commonly called corn. More formally this phenomenon is known as callosity. The skins under the feet get hard which gradually makes walking uncomfortable and difficult. Generally corns