A Battle with Bats: How to get rid of Bats

BatWhat do bats remind you of? Most likely, aside from Batman, you would picture Vampires and other monstrous demons that are typical fodder for horror movies. Unfortunately, Bats are far from aggressive or demonic. In fact, you don’t have to lose sleepless nights worrying about how to get rid of bats. Bats are actually considered to be beneficial for the environment as they prey on more worry-worthy pests and insects.

Good Bats are also Bad Bats

However it is also true that there is a chance that the bats nestling in your house are rabid i.e. they carry rabies. It is a proven fact that bat droppings, when inhaled can be quite hazardous for health. Bats are also harmful for pregnant women; they can cause miscarriages or still births. Bats are known to chew through wood, pipes and electrical wiring, leading to material damage.  Hence, it’s better to be informed about how to get rid of bats.

One Flew over a Bat’s Nest

If a Bat has entered your home, it is most likely lost and has actually accidentally flown in. If your home is infested with a colony of bats, chances are they are looking for a warm, safe space for delivering babies. In this case, it’s not advisable to try to get rid of them in their maternity season. Bat babies are blind and totally dependent on their mother for food and protection. To get rid of the mother bat is not only inhumane, it will most likely kill the babies in your house.

Playing Hide n Seek with Bats

Bats mostly hide in wall nooks and crevices or attics and are hardly visible to the untrained eye. They get out at dusk and get back at dawn. If you notice bat droppings on your floor, then be assured that you need to know how to get rid of bats because their droppings and urine are not only dangerous to health, they also cause mold growth on your floor and furniture. You might also be able to hear some squeaky noises and notice peeping eyes if your home is infested with bats.

How then, can one know how to get rid of rats? The solutions are quite straightforward although not as simple.

  • Check for holes and possible entry points from where bats would be able to enter. Seal all of them but keep an exit route if you feel that some Bats are still inside your home
  • You can also use mothballs tied in a piece of cloth. The smell of the balls is an irritant to Bats. It will help drive them away
  • Don’t scurry, don’t panic. It is important to know that most probably the Bats want to get out too. They will not harm you unless they are infested with rabies, chances of which are quite rare. You can limit the flight path of the bats by holding a sheet or board that will force them to go out the door. Don’t forget to keep the doors and windows open as an escape route.

Even if you know how to get rid of Bats, it can be a little tricky. The solutions are simple if you act with patience and swiftness. Remember, if you panic, they panic! The battle with bats is not invincible!