An Ugly Reminder of Your Excesses: How to Get Rid Of Double Chin

Double ChinThat ugly twin sister of your chin. The post-Christmas gift on your face. A double chin is the most unwanted part of your  appearance. It is right there , visible to the world. It’s difficult to hide and even more difficult to get rid of. It might be a gift from your parents or it might be your gift to yourself. But the fact that you are reading on how to get rid of a double chin means that you are ready to take the first step.

It’s not difficult to guess why you have that piece of flab dangling from the beautiful curve of your chin. It’s most probably because you are overweight and do not get a lot of exercise. In some cases, a double chin is also hereditary. You could have it as an inheritance from your ancestors but the fact is that it gets accentuated when there is lack of activity in your life.


The most sure shot at getting rid of a double chin is to lose some weight. Easier said than done right? Well, if you really want to know how to get rid of a double chin, you have to take the right steps and they might not be so easy. The fact is that when your body put on weight, it shows first on your face in the form of a double chin. Get active. Start from small periods of not-so-strenuous activities like walking. Once you form a habit of exercise and start to enjoy it, challenge yourself into doing more demanding exercises.


Believe it or not, getting rid of a small thing like double chin could also require a lifestyle change! But hey, good health never hurt anyone, right? The key to that lies in eating right. There are so many temptations in the market that taste great to the tongue but are slowly making your body unhealthy and lethargic. Try adding lean meats, green veggies and fruits to your diet. Increasing your Vitamin E intake is also one solution of how to get rid of double chins. Again, it helps to switch gradually to avoid relapses that become quite ugly and long lasting! There is a reason your grandparents told you to be away from junk food ; avoiding fast food keeps double chins at bay!


There are a few exercises that you can learn as part of knowing how to get rid of double chin.Some of the effective exercises are as below

  1. Open your mouth wide. Cover your lower teeth with your lower lip. This will stretch your neck muscles and reduce your double chin if you repeat it 10-15 times a day.
  2. Neck rotations that are performed properly can also help in getting rid of double chin.
  3. Kiss the ceiling! Yes,this is another effective way to reduce the flab under your chin.Of course,you don’t have to literally kiss the roof.Just look up and pucker your lips. Repeat for effective results


A lot of us do not pay attention to our posture while walking or sitting. A drooped down posture could lead to the formation of a double chin. If you want to know how to get rid of double chins, start respecting your body. Don’t just make your body work for you, you must work for it too.


Massaging your double chin with cocoa butter and vitamin E oil will also help in subsiding it slightly. There is an added benefit of relaxation!

The solution on how to get rid of double chin is very straightforward. Making yourself physically fit and active will go a long way. Exercises like yoga and aerobics are known to help a great deal.