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How to Get Rid Of Raccoons

Kids think that raccoons are one of the cutest and sweetest animals ever. They are furry and they have those puppy dog eyes that simply melt every kid’s heart. But for adults, it is evil incarnate. It is one of those stubborn pets that once you have it, you might be having a real hard

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons

If you think that most pests were already eliminated during the wintertime due to the extreme coldness, you are wrong! Winter is one of the seasons when you need pest control, and in this article, I will be giving you the reasons why. Your home is never safe, even during wintertime. Pests are still likely

Shoo Away the Stinky Skunk

Skunks are the small black and white striped, thick tailed animal notorious for spreading bad odour. It is mostly found in North America, right through United States up to Central Canada in the north and some parts of Mexico and belongs to surfeit group. Stink badgers or hog nosed skunks are found in Philippines, Malaysia

Squirrel woes : how to get rid of squirrels

Many of us have looked fascinatedly at a squirrel prancing in our backyard or our garden. The cutest cousins of rats, squirrels have found a soft spot in many hearts. The adorable gnawing with their buck teeth, the busy furry tails, the small but incredibly sharp eyes and ears has inspired many roles in fairy

How to get rid of rats fast

Rats are troublesome pests that not only can damage food products but also spread many dangerous diseases among human population. Since these creatures pose severe health hazards, it is better to eliminate them as soon as you spot one, so that their number does not out of control. Here are some fool proof ideas on

How to Get Rid of Mice – Do it yourself methods

Have you found any droppings recently or scratches on wooden furnitures? You instantly know that your house is infested with mice. The usual signs are when you hear a squeaking sound, spot fecal droppings, nests, nibble scars or a pungent stink. Mice infestation needs immediate attention, as rodents multiply at a faster rate and causes

How to get rid of Pigeons

Even if you are a bird lover or animal lover, sometimes these birds can cause a lot of problems and give you a very hard time getting rid of them. Pigeons belong to such category of birds.We need to implement ways though which we can get rid of these birds without harming them or killing