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How to get rid of silver fish at home

We cannot help but be disgusted of these filthy little creatures. And yes, they are pests in the house. But don’t raise your eye brows in disbelief and confusion just yet. Before anything else and may we just clear the room that silverfish is not a fish. Its name might be too harmless and even

The undesired cousins of butterflies: how to get rid of moths

Isn’t it ironic that a family member of something so beautiful can become such a nuisance in our homes?  If you are reading up on how to get rid of moths, chances are that your home is already infested by them. Moths are relatively harmless-looking but can cause a lot of damage to almost everything

Basic Facts About Corn

Thickening of skin, mainly under the feet, or in other places of feet, caused by repeated pressure due to walking or any other over activity of feet is commonly called corn. More formally this phenomenon is known as callosity. The skins under the feet get hard which gradually makes walking uncomfortable and difficult. Generally corns

No Sugar Coating This: How to Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

If you just sit and notice ants, you will find that they move with incredible harmony and gusto! The saying, ’As dedicated as an Ant’ has not been coined without a reason. One of the most common infesters of home, ants are truly domestic creatures. Although you might find them outdoors, being around your kitchen

How to get rid of Lice – Naturally and Effectively with home remedies

Lice are small parasites that find dwelling in our heads that cannot fly. These bugs live in our hair and feed on our blood. Though not threatening, lice infestation is quite irritating with the constant itching sensation and can be carried forward from one to another, giving us a reason to ponder on how to

How to get rid of Termites

Out of every last one of innumerable bugs, rodents, critters and different nuisances that bother and uneasiness property holders all over the place, none is a larger number of hazardous than the termite. No one but termites can bravely demolish and wreck a house’s exceptionally establishment and character in simply a couple of short years.

How to get rid of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, or “heaps,” can happen as a consequence of pregnancy, poor eating regimen or rehashed episodes of obstruction. Hemorrhoids are basically varicose veins that structure in your rectum or rear-end. They frequently swell, drain and tingle, which can prompt some humiliating circumstances. Luckily, you can attempt numerous diverse routines to dispose of hemorrhoids forever. In

How to get rid of Head Lice

Head lice infestations are a basic issue for school-age kids, who spread them to each one in turn in the classroom. Lice are irritating and disagreeable, however with ingenuity you might be freed of them for a week or two. Form lice and canine lice are also conceivable to handle on the off chance that

How to get rid of Fleas on Dogs

Dog fleas can be very painful for a dog since these fleas suck the blood of the skin of the dogs. It sometimes leads to itching and rashes also. And since these fleas are very small and hide themselves under the fur of the dog, it is very difficult to spot a flea very easily.

How to get rid of Crickets?

Crickets are small flies with wings which have become an increasing problem with the families near the grasslands or farms. These flies make a lot of noise and hence are a nuisance for the neighborhood. Since these flies breed outside the homes, they do not enter the homes and so are difficult to catch. This