Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Lessons How to Get Rid of Anxiety

AnxietyEach one of us knows the feeling. We’ve been through it a fair number of times before an exam or a speech or a job interview.  We’ve felt our hearts beating like drums; we’ve experienced the slight shiver of our hands and the beads of sweat in our palms. When we think about anxiety, many words come to our mind: nervousness, fear, apprehension, concern and most of all worry. Worry is an ugly but loyal friend. It stays with some of us in every action and decision we make; it tugs at us and feeds itself on our thoughts and apprehensions.

To understand how to get rid of anxiety, we must realize that anxiety comes out of habit. Worrying  is a way to mask our feelings, to keep ourselves from experiencing our emotions. Anxiety can take many forms. Before learning how to get rid of anxiety,we must know the types of anxieties.


  1. General Anxiety Disorder is a general apprehension over everyday things and situations. It is a chronic worry about almost all the objects, events and happenings in our life.
  2. Social Anxiety Disorder is basically a fear of facing people. It’s the concern that eats us from within from expecting that we would make a fool of ourselves and be a public embarrassment.
  3. Panic Anxiety Disorder is when a person gets sudden attacks of terror and fear where he starts experiencing dizziness, nausea and shivering.

Anxiety shows in different situations. It could take the form of a phobia and also an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People experience anxiety in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder too,which mainly happens after a traumatic incident in their lives.

Discerning how to get rid of anxiety totally depends on the degree of anxiety that one is facing. If the Anxiety is not chronic, it can be treated by self help methods too.Some of the self-help solutions on how to get rid of anxiety are listed below

  1. Sometimes, it helps if we identify our anxiety and contain it by assigning a special time for worry. This will make sure that we are not eaten by worry all day long. Although it does not help if we try to tell ourselves not to worry, it will help if we keep it to one specified ‘worry time’ in the day.
  2. Often, it is the uncertainty and unpredictability of life that scares us. As a self-help guide, it pays to accept that certain situations are not in our hand. Those anxieties that can be solved by us, can be addressed in an organized way by noting things down and reasoning out our worries through logic.
  3. It also helps to redirect anxiety. You can use the feeling of anxiety to challenge yourself with things that have scared and intimidated you for a long time.
  4. Sometimes, anxiety builds up because you expect too much out of yourself and that builds up the fear of not delivering. The key to know how to get rid of anxiety is not to be too hard on yourself.
  5. It’s simple, if you don’t give yourself too much time to think, you won’t have the time to worry. It helps to keep busy. Staying active works wonderfully in keeping anxiety at bay.

For chronic anxiety, it is advisable to take counselling and therapy.An expert can be quite useful in telling you how to get rid of anxiety.

Anxiety is a common emotion that becomes a sort of an addiction for some. This habit needs to be treated at it’s roots. A small step will get you started on a fruitful journey.