Easy Steps to A Flawless Face: How To Get Rid of Dark Spots

Dark SpotsDark spots are considered to be undesirable and ugly. That is why, one will find a lot of literature on how to get rid of dark spots. Dark spots could be a result of many things. Dark spots could be temporary or fairly permanent. They also seem to vary in colour and size. They could be anything between brown to black .Skin discoloration or hyper pigmentation can be white too. Before understanding the treatment on how to get rid of dark spots, we must ascertain the reason that they have appeared.

Some of the reasons for dark spots are listed below :

  1. Your dark spots could be remnants of your previous injury. Some bruise scars or burn marks only fade away after a long time. In this case, there is not much that can be done to get rid of them completely immediately.
  2. You could have fungal infections. Check with your dermatologist for the proper treatment for such spots
  3. Your spots might be an allergic reaction. It could be triggered as a reaction to certain substances that your body is allergic to.
  4. Some spots could be the scars from lacerations or cuts.
  5. Certain diseases like vitiligo, eczema and hay fever also cause spots
  6. Spots also occur in pregnancy. Most of the times, these go away after delivery but in case they persist, it is important to take expert help
  7. Your dark spots might have a deeper meaning, mainly liver damage. If you cannot understand the reason of the occurrence of spots, get a thorough check up done.
  8. Your pimples and acne also leave spots after they subside. A lot of over the counter options are available to treat such spots.
  9. You might be undergoing hormonal changes! Dark spots also are also because of genetical or hormonal reasons.
  10. Dark spots can also be a side effect of a few medications.
  11. Over exposure to sun can cause dark spots in the form of sunburn in a few people.

Depending upon the reason for your dark spots, you can decide on the future course of action on how to get rid of dark spots. There are a few remedies that are easily available in your own kitchen.

  • Lemon juice is excellent remedy for common dark spots. They help in reducing the darkness if used persistently. A pack made of olive oil, lemon juice and honey is a proven remedy to get rid of dark spots.
  • Citrus fruits like Orange and fruits like papaya help in reducing the intensity of dark spots. They can be used as it is or applied as a part of a pack too
  • Vitamin E in any form , in oil or in almonds is a useful tip on how to get rid of dark spots. Apply directly in affected areas.
  • The lactose compounds in milk also help in reducing dark spots. You can use it as a toner and apply it on the face as it is.
  • A mixture of horseradish with vinegar will effectively get rid of dark spots in a matter of days.

Often, when we find solutions on how to get rid of dark spots, we forget the most basic precautions. Remember, cleansing and toning, wearing a sunscreen may well be simple good habits that help keep those nasty spots away.