Fix that Static on Clothes

Static on ClothesStatic electricity is generated by the rubbing of two dry substances against each other which typically in clothing, produces a static cling. This can look really unpleasant in formal gathering or anywhere out. Statics are more visible and discomforting on delicate fabric than natural ones. Fine and light materials like silk, chiffon, linen etc. get creased and easily generate static electricity. Static creases on clothes are too usual and can be removed or fixed easily following few simple steps.

Running a metal object gives a quick effect as it emits electricity thus, creases get removed instantly. Running an iron (not warm obviously), hanger or any other metallic piece can do this job. Clingy areas of dress can be sprayed with fabric conditioner mixed with water. These fabric conditioning agents are copious in market and also come at a reasonable price. A piece of safety pin can be clipped somewhere inside the dress in a manner that doesn’t make the pin visible as a safety pin sticking out of a beautiful outfit can look really tacky and hideous.

Hairspray gives an instant solution to the statics. Spraying a moderate amount right on the cling gives an immediate result. Apart from the experiments and implementations on clothes, wearer can do some simple things on body to avoid static clinging. Putting a moisturizing lotion will keep the outfit free and one is good to go! These are some on spot solution. But if some basic care is taken during washing the clothes, creases can be averted effectively for a long time.

Baking soda forms a blockade in textiles impeding any sort of electromagnetic interaction within or among building units of fabrics. During wash, if baking soda is used (amount to be determined according to the load of laundry) static creases can be prevented and it also expunges odour from clothes. Vinegar can be incorporated after a round of wash. This will not only fix the crease but also work as softening agent on fabric.  Apart from that, regular commercial fabric softener can be used normally after wash.

The clothes are to be rid of the stiffness that occurs after washing. Employing starch in any manner should be avoided on clothes. In order to minimize static crease textiles should be kept as soft, crisp and smooth as possible. Dryness, mainly, causes crimp on dresses. Putting a drier ball in washing tub/ machine can help minimizing creases. After washing, garments should be waggled well to shake off the after-wash folds. These creases set in fast after drying which makes the clothes look ugly and it becomes difficult to even out, even by ironing.

After washing, the textiles should never be twisted or the fibres get loose damaging the whole wear from inside. Air drying is the best option. Attaching a good quality lining or wearing cloth of a contrasting material underneath a flowing dress, makes it stay fold or crease free while wearing it or otherwise. Placing a humidifier inside the closet keeps clothes in good condition and retains the essential crispness in them purging the garment of any Static cling.