Fixing the Carpet Beetle Problem

Carpet BeetleCarpet Beetle are pests that eat into your carpets and other items made out of fabrics. A little bit of care, a lot of patience and following the methods below is all you need to get rid of the pests without calling the professional exterminators.

Step 1: Identify the source

Observe where you find the most faecal pellets, shed skin, carpet beetles. This location is pretty much the primary source of infestation.

Step 2: Vacuum

Vacuum the carpet, or the infested material, starting from the source. It would be better to vacuum all the furniture with fabric upholstery or any other item with fabric surrounding the infested primary source as they too may be infested. As a precautionary measure, vacuum cleaning the house once a week or two is also advisable.

Step 3: Getting rid of infested items

If an item has already been eaten away by the pests, it’s recommended to throw it away. Keeping an infested item makes it difficult to curb the infestation. If an item is eaten away but doesn’t show any sign of carpet beetle, it is still advisable to get rid of the item because it may still be infested.

Step 4: Washing

Washing all the fabrics in hot and soapy water works best to exterminate carpet beetles. Carpet beetles possess a high degree of resilience about them and you may have to steam clean your carpet and upholstered furniture even after vacuuming it.

Step 5: Insecticide

Applying insecticides that are especially for carpet beetles are most useful. Look out for insecticides that have bendiocarbs, chlorpyrifos and allethrin as they are most effective against carpet beetles. Dusting infested items with boric acid would also work fine. It is not only useful against carpet beetles but also against almost every insect. It also has an added advantage of being non-toxic but take special care with it as it has a bleaching effect. Protective clothing and gloves should be wore when applying the insecticides. Leaving the area after application for a short while is also recommended.

Step 6: Traps

Yes, one can set booby traps to kill pests! Hormone based glue traps are available in markets that can be placed in areas where you suspect the origin of infestation such as cracks and crevices. The glue based traps not only kills the insects but also gives you an estimate on how big the problem is even after performing the above steps.

Step 7: Preventions

After the problem has been finally cured we need to make sure that the same problem doesn’t arise again. Store extra clothing, spare curtains and other fabric items in plastic containers or bags. Carpet beetles are unable to get past plastic and hence, will keep you fabric safe. Storing clothes with mothballs will also go a long way to help the cause. Putting the vacuum cleaner to good use regularly will also prevent further infestation. Inspecting flowers of carpet beetles before taking them home is also a precaution that must be practiced. If you have pets, then they must be cleaned regularly to ensure they don’t bring in carpet beetles with them.

If you follow all these measures , then you will surely get rid of carpet beetles.