Get the acne off your Chest

chest acneAcne is like any other common skin problems such as pimple, blackhead etc. Some have innate tendency of developing usual skin problems, the likes mentioned above, easily and sometimes it is also caused by external factors. Intense formation of Sebaceous follicles, chiefly on face, upper part of the chest, and the back manifests as acne. It is most common among adolescents, regardless of sex.

Though, there is a conjecture about the affectivity of stress on acne, it is debated that augmented physical or mental stress may raise the concentration of acne problem. Other than that, junk food, oily skin, overusing cosmetics, some drugs aggravate acne eruption. Strain caused by helmet, chin strap is also found to be a reason behind acne outbreak.

Couple of simple changes in daily habits or a little alteration in lifestyle can reduce the chances of such eruption. Ample water intake, good night’s sleep, regular exercising or meditation can measurably reduce acne inflammation. Junk foods, soda, canned juices containing preservatives and additives are sometimes thought to give rise to acne, other skin problems and various hormonal disorders. Food products containing omega-3 fatty acid help fighting acne – such as, salmon, herring, sardine; nuts, seeds; leafy vegetables etc. Foods containing omega-3 are better had raw to get utmost effect. Dairy products are better avoided as it contain certain hormones that stimulate pores and oil glands which may spawn acne.

Some natural compounds that fight germination of bacteria and heal acne are Salicylic Acid – dries out acne and lowers the inflammation caused by acne;Benzoyl peroxide – fights the bacteria that causes acne, peel dead and dried skins off the affected area; Azelaic acid is seen to be effective for minor acne etc. These compounds are undisputed in treating acne. Two crushed aspirin tablets (aspirin consists of salicylic acid) mixed with water and honey produces an effective paste to be applied on acne affected chest, or wherever needed. It is known from past sources that the usage of sulphur was prevalent in ancient times among Greeks, Egyptians and Romans for treating acne.

Thorough cleaning of affected areas, mostly face, chest and back with water-based face/ skin washes is helful. Using loofah scrubber very gently on acne infected chest and neck during bath benefits but vigorous rubbing worsens the affliction. Mild homemade scrubbers, face packs made of cool, water-based elements such as mud, can abolish and soothe acne inflammation. Clay based pack mixed with tea-tree oil can give measurable effect. Non-comedogenic lotions can be applied to cleanse the skin. Regular exfoliation is also called for.

Generally oily skins are more acne prone. Efforts should be made to keep the skin as much oil-free as possible. Repeated splashing of water helps in ridding the skin of acne. Overall cleanliness and hygiene is of utmost importance in common skin problems like these. Because anyway letting the inflammations heal naturally should always be chosen over administering various drugs and cosmetic treatments. And finally, clothing should be as comfortable and airy as possible in order to keep body and thus, skin sweat free.