Getting rid of a Sore Throat

Getting rid of a Sore ThroatHaving a sore throat could at times be the most irritating thing, considering the fact that you aren’t able to talk, eat, sleep, drink or do anything normally because it hurts every time you try something. Here are a few ideas on how you could help get rid of your sore throat.

  1. Gargle with salt water and lime: The first suggestion that any random person would give you when you have a sore throat would be to gargle with warm salt water. Keep the salt content mild, else it’s going to irritate your mucus filled throat all the more! And adding a few drops of lime, would make it more effective considering the fact that the citric acid from the lime helps clear the excess mucus available.


  1. Avoid talking much: I know this is close to impossible for most you talkative people out there! But yes, you’ll need to reduce the stress that you give to your throat. It’s essential that you try giving it the rest that it deserves.
  1. Sleep well: A good night’s sleep always helps heal the body. When the body is resting, it actually works on repairing itself and the areas that have been affected in anyway. So, sleeping well definitely helps.
  1. Watch what you drink: Drinking a healthy amount of water is always the best way to get rid of a sore throat. And drinking soft drinks that are cold is the best way to worsen your throat ache! These things actually wear out the cough syrup and worsens things inside the body. Also remember, while drinking water, have it warm. Too cold or too hot is not good for the throat.
  1. Have lots of tea: Yes you heard that right! Add a few drops of lime to your tea and then consume. Its really helps especially while having a sore throat. You could also try preparing some ginger tea. This is even better especially when the tea is strong! Your throat would definitely feel good after a hot cup of ginger tea. Do try it out!
  1. Avoid dairy products: This is a very important point to followed by people having a sore throat. Strictly avoid milk or it’s bi-products. They would only aggravate the phlegm and this means your throat pain is going to get worse! So just remember, avoid dairy products!
  1. Honey is your best friend: Honey, is definitely one’s best friend especially while struggling with a sore throat. Not just because of the fact that it is sweet, but it’s very soothing to the throat and this in turn reduces the irritability and burning sensation. So having a bottle of honey in your kitchen is always a good thing, so that you could pop in as many spoons as you want when ever you feel like!
  1. Steam: This is one of the most traditional approaches to treating a sore throat. Add a few drops of a strong mentholated product to a container of boiling water, and inhale the steam by covering yourself within a blanket or thick bed sheet. This really helps!