Getting rid of Black Heads the easy way

Black HeadsUGHH! Pressing your nose close onto the mirror, you see some tiny black spots on your nose that nobody else can but you still hate them. Blackheads are just acnes or pimples without skin over them. As they don’t have skin over them, they get in contact with the oxygen present it air and get oxidized and appear black. Follow the methods mentioned below and bid them farewell.

Method 1: Exfoliation

A blackhead can be cured by cleaning its pores clogged by the dead skin, dirt and oil. The best way to open your pores is to exfoliate your skin daily. Using a mixture of milk and nutmeg serves best for exfoliation. Mix nutmeg powder with milk to form a thin paste. Before application, cleanse your face and then begin to apply the paste on your face emphasizing on affected areas with a gentle hand in light, circular motions. Continue this process for 5-6 minutes and then rinse off the paste. This should give you a radiant blackhead-free skin.

As substitutes, baking soda and water, lemon juice and sugar or salt and sour cream can be used as the exfoliators depending upon availability and personal choice.

Method 2: Sticky Honey

I mention sticky because only very sticky honey will work. It is perhaps advisable to obtain natural honey in place of bottled honey for this procedure. Start off by cleansing your face and drying it. Pour some honey on your fingers and dab in onto the affected areas and quickly remove your fingers. The honey will stick to the pores and come out when you remove your fingers. This will clean your pores and prevent blackheads from coming back. Doing this for 4-5 minutes will give satisfactory results

Method 3: Egg white mask

Egg masks are not for everyone, because not everyone can stand the smell of eggs on their face. Nonetheless it remains one of the oldest and successful remedy of getting rid of blackheads. Start off by cleansing your face. Now take just the white part of the egg and apply it over your face using your fingers or paintbrush. Give it a little time to dry, now apply another coat. After the second coat has dried off apply another coat. Allow this mask to set in. After 15 or so minutes the mask will dry and your face will get tight. With a warm soft cloth scrub and peel off the mask very gently. The results are astonishingly good and will also give you a smooth and soft skin.

Method 4: Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

Use of a face cream with Benzoyl Peroxide as the main ingredient against blackheads is a proven method to fight off blackheads. This product kills the bacteria dwelling in the pores and even acts as an anti-oxidizing agent for pores

Method 5: Steam

This method benefits skin in more than one ways, it not only gets rid of the blackheads but also gives your skin a magnificent glow. Boil water in a large container and let the steam to come in contact with your face. After few minutes wash your face with lukewarm water and apply an oil-free moisturizer.

After getting rid of them once, cleansing and exfoliating your skin regularly should prevent the outbreaks of blackheads.