Getting rid of Cellulite

CelluliteCellulite is a common problem that is faced by most women. No matter what fitness regiment they follow, there is always a lumpy area that is a reason for embarrassment. Cellulite is caused due to loss of skin elasticity and decreased blood flow. Also, if toxins are built up in the body, then it can be a major contributor for cellulite. If these issues are corrected, then it can help you get rid of cellulite. There are many ways in which you can do so and few are listed below:

  1. Dry skin brushing – brushing gives a massaging effect and makes skin soft and radiant. This will stimulate skin rejuvenation and increased blood flow which is a natural way of removing toxins out of the body. To start with, you need to use a long handled, natural bristled brush which you can use in circular strokes while bathing. After showering, apply coconut oil on your skin and repeat this everyday for good results.
  1. Coffee scrubs – when coffee is rubbed topically, it can stimulate then skin and increase blood flow. The coffee scrub is simple to do and compliments the dry skin brush very well. After preparing coffee, place the filter full of grounds into a cup or a jar. This can be used while bathing. After dry brushing, step into the shower and massage all the areas which are of cellulite with the coffee grounds for a few minutes. Apply coconut oil after the shower. Though this treatment is a bit messy, it is an energizing and truly a treatment that will get rid of cellulite fast.
  1. Olive and Juniper oils – massage is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite. Adding oils will enrich this experience and help you get results sooner. Make a mixture by adding one drop of juniper oil with two tablespoons of olive oil. Massage this into the skin by using circular motions and working towards the heart. If this repeated frequently after an early morning exercise, then the results can be faster.
  1. Lemon Juice and Cayenne pepper – a mix of lemon juice and cayenne pepper when had three times a day will improve elasticity and detoxification. It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of cellulite.
  1. Loosely fitting clothes – good circulation is the key to avoid cellulite. If you are wearing clothes that are tight or undergarments that leave a mark on your skin, then it’s a sign that blood is not flowing properly in your body. Increase circulation by wearing loose clothes and hence preventing the formation of cellulite.
  1. Exercise – exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite. Studies show that women at desk jobs suffer from cellulite since they sit for long hours and prevent blood circulation in thighs and bottoms. Simple steps such as walking around for a few minutes and helping blood flow regularly through these areas will help reduce cellulite. After a workout, apply oils on the cellulite areas so that it gets absorbed and you can find results.