Getting rid of Colds Fast

Colds FastColds are the most common ailments we experience yet when we have one, we are wondering how to get rid of the colds fast and resume our daily activities. Though we prefer popping the over-the-counter medicines to get fast relief from colds, there are many other ways that can help get over the sneezing and sniffling pretty fast. Here is a list of some of the popular and proven methods to get fast relief from colds.


Though a bath may not figure at the top of your priority list when you are caught with cold, a hot steaming bath can definitely help you free your sinuses and also get relief from body cramps. Apart from this, a hot shower can rejuvenate your senses; add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and you are ready to fight it out with the cold virus.


Vitamin-C is a great immune system booster and is a great way to fight off many common infections. Regular intake of fruits and veggies rich in this vitamin ensure lesser frequency of colds. However, if you are infected with common cold, eat food packed with this vitamin like, citrus fruits, grapes, spinach, etc. You can also pop in a vitamin-C pill daily during a cold to get rid of the cold fast.


Since ages, tea has been used to give relief from upper respiratory tract infections. A cup of hot tea with a dash of lemon is perfect to start off your day. But you can also try some herbal concoctions with special ingredients to fight off colds. Indian Basil is one such herb that is said to possess cold healing properties. Boil some hot water, drop in a few leaves and let it simmer. You can also add a few cloves and a stick of cinnamon. Sweeten the herbal tea with a spoon of honey and drink it hot and steaming.


Steaming can be a great way to loosen up the mucous, free the nasal passages and sinuses. Hold your face over a hot bowl of water, cover head with a towel and breathe in the steam deep inside. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil for added benefits. Eucalyptus is known for anti-allergic properties is a great way to get rid of colds fast.


Eating spicy food can relieve you from the cold symptoms.  Have soups or curries that have ginger, chillies and garlic in them as these have anti-inflammatory properties that help in driving away the colds fast. A bowl of chicken soup can also give great relief by easing up your blocked nasal passages. If not anything else, good food can pep up your mind and enable you to handle the hassles of the cold better.

Apart from following these remedies, adequate rest is very important and do not forget to drink lots of fluids, particularly water. Though there is no sure shot recipe to eliminate cold in a day, the above methods are guaranteed to give good results when you want to get rid of the cold fast.