Getting rid of Constipation

Getting rid of ConstipationConstipation is a problem that occurs when there is less fibre intake by the human body. At times, things like medication could also give a tough time for a person to go about his ‘nature’s call’. The bodily functions and bowel movement are indeed affected, and this condition is what we call ‘Constipation’. This problem doesn’t lead to complications or health hazards usually, however, if the issue persists for more than a couple of days, it’s advisable to visit your doctor at the earliest!

Here are a few tips on how you could handle things the natural way when you feel constipated.

  1. Water is ‘The solution’: Yes you heard that right! There is a reason why the elders in our household have always stressed on the importance of drinking a healthy amount of water daily. People have been debating over what’s the optimal intake of water that is required by the human body over the years, and that debate is still to continue. However, just start your day by gulping down a good 20 ounce of drinking water, and your body would be free form all the toxins that have accumulated over the previous day. And your body would be getting water from the food that you eat during the day too! Its a good practice to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. And especially when you feel constipated, try consuming warm water, its more effective.
  1. Fibre is the key: Always remember, constipation means, lack of fibre! So you will need to enhance the intake of fibre in your body. Fruits are a good source of fibre, especially apples, pear and raspberries. Whole grain foods always receives a thumbs up when it comes to fibre. So try eating bread, flakes and digestives that are usually made of whole grain rather than plain flour. It really helps. Then off course, you could also include peas, beans, bran, broccoli and lentils to your diet.
  1. Include prunes: As stated in the previous point, prunes indeed are a good source of fibre. They contain a certain stimulant called Sorbitol which helps loosen the stool and within a few hours, you’d experience the effect of it. However, try not to drink more than a glass of prune juice at a time. Because, the chances of you running a risk of diarrhoea is high if consumed in excess.
  1. Do you exercise? Working out is a good practice whether or not you feel constipated. However, it really helps especially when you are having an imbalance in your body. A moderate 30 minute workout would still be of good help. Doing a few sets of repetitive squats really helps ease the process of excretion and you would find it less painful and stressing while using the toilet.

Then, off course you could try consuming the drinks that athletes and sportsmen use, like electrolyte and various others. These help hydrating the body to a good extent when its dehydrated and could turn out handy.