Getting rid of Fleas

FleasDo you have a pet at home? Then, this article is definitely going to be of use to you. Here are a few ways in which you can keep your house free from fleas.

  1. Pets should have clean beds: The first and foremost thing to remember while having a pet at home is, you’ll need to keep your house clean. Wash anything related to your pet’s bed as regularly as possible in a washing machine. It could also include carpets, doormats and random stuff that your pet loves to sleep on. Its best to wash and dry at a good temperature because, this is going to kill all the larvae and eggs present in the materials.
  1. Good vacuuming is essential: Always remember, an area that is not exposed to proper sunlight, would be a birthplace for fleas and larvae. And if your pet sleeps in these areas, the organisms would easily fix themselves onto your loveable companions and the problem just gets bigger. Hence, vacuuming your floors and carpets is a very vital part of having a check on fleas. However, here’s a quick tip. Sprinkle some salt or baking soda onto the carpets and doormats of your household and let them settle for a while. After a few hours, vacuum the place. The fleas, larvae and eggs are allergic to salt and this in turn makes things easier. But remember, after vacuuming ensure that you seal the trash and keep it outside the house or discard it as early as possible. Because the chances are, they’d find their way back into you house if not disposed properly.
  1. A clean pet is a happy pet: Give your pet a good bath regularly and see to it you shampoo them really well. While shampooing start from their neck and then go all the way to the head. Incase your pet is a dog, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil or a couple of drops of lime onto it’s collar. This is one of the best ways to keep fleas away from settling down on your dogs. However, don’t use essential oils on cats! Remember, cats are very sensitive to these kind of oils, and they’d definitely fall ill.

Home made recipes: One of the most simplest solutions could be to boil thin slices of lemon in a pan of water and then leave it to rest for a night. The next morning, you could spray it in areas where you suspect fleas. This could include areas less exposed to sunlight, your pet’s beddings, carpets etc. Bu try not over-spraying the liquid in a certain area like your pet’s bedding. You’ll have to first test to see if your pet is comfortable with lemon and spray further only after you’ve ensured so! The other method would be to boil some rosemary in a litre of water for about half an hour. After it cools down, sprinkle this water on your dog and let him have a good sunbath. This would help prevent fleas.