Getting rid of Ticks

Getting rid of TicksTicks sometimes could be a massive problem to a household if not taken care of! And if you are one of those people struggling with controlling these annoying insects, then this article would definitely be of a good help to you. Here are a few ways in which we could control ticks.

  1. Keep your house clean: If you do not clean your house regularly, it means you are personally inviting ticks to raid you place! The first and foremost step to getting rid of ticks is to clean every nook and corner of your house regularly. Dust all the areas including bookshelves, tables, sofas, dining area, stairs and every other place that you haven’t attended to. Using a vacuum, helps in a big way especially because it would help suck the ticks that are in your carpets, doormats, floors and various other places. But be sure you carefully dispose them into a bag and seal it properly. The earlier, you dispose the garbage bag, the better it is for you.
  1. Decluttering helps: Its always good to declutter your house while cleaning. This ensures all the ticks and dirt do not accumulate in a certain area for a long time. This is more like an elimination process where you dont let the ticks to start multiplying in a hidden area or space like under a table, shelf or any other furniture.
  1. Don’t accumulate your dirty clothes: Yes you heard that right! As much as possible try not to accumulate dirty clothes on the floor or in your duffle bags for a really long time. It becomes a place for ticks to multiply and spread through your home. So always try and wash your clothes as regularly as possible so that it prevents the accumulation. Remember, whenever you suspect ticks in a certain dress of your’s. don’t put it with the other clothes in your duffle bag! Just wash it immediately in the washing machine. This prevents the ticks from spreading to the other clothes.
  1. Use pesticides: Now that your house is clean, spray a small amount of pesticide across your home. Behind bookshelves, carpets, your pet’s bed and every other place. The ticks are allergic to pesticides and would easily get killed if any of them are still existent. There are specific pesticides which are human and pet friendly. So you don’t have to worry. You can just go about your regular chores like any other normal day!
  1. Take care of your pets: If you have pets in your household, always see to it you attend to them. Sprinkle a few drops of lime on the collar of your dog and this would ensure it keeps away pests and other larvae that usually stick to the animal’s skin and starts multiplying on it. There are several products out there in the market that kill ticks and prevent them form harming your pet. Consult your vet before trying out anything on your pet. Remember, dogs wouldn’t react to these chemicals. However, cats are very sensitive and hence you need to ensure safety of the animal.