Getting rid of Ticks

Getting rid of TicksTicks can be a nuisance when it’s around your home and on pets. It can be dangerous too when they carry harmful blood borne diseases such as Lyme disease. This can kill your pets at times which are the reason why we need to get rid of them at the earliest.

  1. Getting rid of ticks indoors – ticks are usually found outdoors but sometimes it can be found indoors too. The most common one is the brown dog tick which feeds on dogs and prefers warm conditions. So, you need to first de-clutter your home, pick up items from the floor and not leave laundry unattended. Also, ticks can be found anywhere such as dirty clothing or bed linens. Hence, you need to wash them in warm water. If you suspect any clothes of ticks, then wash them separately to avoid infecting other clothes. The next step is to clean the entire house as thoroughly as possible. Vacuum out all corners, sweep the entire house and dust everything from floors to walls, animal bedding, furniture and cracks in wall. Dispose of the vacuum bag after the cleaning process. Once the house is cleaned, pesticides will have to be sprayed to kill the ticks and their eggs. Lightly dust the pet’s bedding, carpets, curtains, underside of tables, chairs and sofas to prevent ticks laying. If there is a severe infestation, then an expert will have to be called since they will have specialized equipment which will kill ticks immediately.
  1. Removing ticks outdoors – grass, bushes and trees are where ticks reside outdoors. They like humidity and one of its favourite places is the deer. So, if you are hiking in the woods, you will have to be careful not to bring them into your own backyard. The first step is to keep the yards trimmed by removing overly grown vegetation. Grass, vines and other bushes which create a clumped environment should be removed and allow the sun into as many parts as possible. Also, regular mowing will let the sunshine and keeps bugs at bay. Creating an edger in your yard would also be a good idea to keep ticks away. Don’t allow piles of vegetation in your yard and remove damp, dark and dead leaves frequently. Finally, treat your yard with pesticides that contain lambda-cyhalothrin and esfenvalerate.
  1. Preventing ticks – fencing your yard will prevent animals coming in. Ticks usually travel on mammals and fencing can prevent them from growing in your backyard. Firewood should be kept neatly in piles in a dry location which is free from moisture. Since ticks grow where dead leaves and darkness is, keeping firewood away from such a place is the best way to prevent ticks. Ticks also reside under bird feeders, so make sure they are cleaned often. You need to regularly check for ticks on children and pets especially after an outdoor session. If you find any, then clean them with a pair of tweezers. This should be done carefully so that the tick does not regurgitate in the attach point which will aid in passing of diseases.