Getting rid of Warts

Getting rid of WartsWart is a benign growth on the skin that is caused by a virus. This small, rough growth can occur on any part of the body such as hands, legs or even face. Though there is no serious implication of warts, it can cause a huge embarrassment in this beauty conscious world. But you need not worry! There are many ways to get rid of wart and some of them are listed below.

  1. Medically verified remedies – warts are caused by a virus knows as Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and will get eliminated even without a treatment. The time taken for this may vary from few weeks to few years. Hence, you need to be patient. If you are trying to make this process faster, then the most common over the counter wart remover is Compound W and Ocusal. These contain an ingredient called salicylic acid which helps remove warts. Soak your skin in water for a few minutes, apply this acid and brush off. Leave it on for a day before washing. Repeat this several times a week for results. Cantharadin is another chemical that will burn away the wart. The doctor needs to apply it on the wart and cover it with a bandage. The next day when you remove the bandage, the wart comes off along with the dead skin.
  1. Unverified Home remedies – there are several home remedies that can help cure warts such as Vitamin C. Crush the tablet containing Vitamin C and make a thick paste. Apply it on the wart and cover it with a bandage. Vitamin E is another element that can help. The oil in the capsule needs to be rubbed on the wart and left for the day. The bandage should be removed during the night to allow the skin to breathe. This can be done several times a day for results. Another alternative is to soak the wart in warm water till it softens. Rub it with pumice till it reaches the level of skin. Take bleach on a cotton swab and hold it against the wart for a few minutes and wash off. Tea tree oil can also be applied on the wart and covered with bandage. Castor oil can be applied on small warts on face and hands with a cotton swab. Betadine can be applied on the wart, cover it with a bandage and left for one or two days before changing the bandage.
  1. Food remedies – lemon peel can be cut at the size of the wart and cover it with a tape.  Change the peel everyday and keep it for as long as possible. Fresh basil can be crushed and covered with a tape on the wart. Carrot can be crushed and mixed with olive oil to make a paste. This paste can be applied on the wart for 30 minutes daily. Garlic capsules can be consumed twice a day till the wart disappears. Immune strengthening foods such as rice, garlic, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes and whole grain breads are good in keeping warts at bay.