Good Riddance to Yeast Infection

Yeast InfectionLike any other infection, Yeast Infection too is caused by fungal growth. Certain amount of microorganism including fungus, in system is healthy but overpopulation takes a toll on health in various ways. Moisture and heat heightenfungal growth, be it in or outside of body. Excess amount of temperature and moisture get trapped in pores of skin giving rise to fungal infection. Yeast Infection is mainly found among women. The symptoms are vaginal itching, abnormal white discharge sometimes accompanied by redness and burning during urination.

Yeast infection is not essentially a sexually transmitted disease and is very common among women. But a proper and expert diagnosis is always suggested. This kind of fungal infection may manifest in folds of skin, underarms etc. Measures can be taken to lessen or prevent such infection.

Numerous reasons may be there behind such an contagion, such as, too much stress at work, unhealthy food-habit, sleep deprivation etc. poor-hygiene plays an important role too. Maintaining genital hygiene is very essential. Once the infection has affected perfumed or fancy cosmetic toiletries should be avoided. Medicated anti-bacterial soaps are preferable. Any sort of powder should be completely avoided in affected areas. A thorough overall cleanliness should be maintained. Warm water is to be absolutely avoided otherwise it may aggravate the infection.

As already said, only taking care of the infected area is not enough, certain general cautions are to be followed. Using perfume should be avoided as much as possible. Also, while washing the genital area care is to be taken to confine the wash to the part required. If the front part needs cleaning, washing should never be done from back to front as infection may spread and also because yeasts reside in the intestinal tracts, such washing may transmit fungi to vaginal area.

Over and unnecessary consumption of antibiotics also cause yeast infection. Thus, antibiotic consumption is to be limited as far as practicable. It is sometimes observed that antibiotic caused contamination may be arrested or reduced by having yogurt. Apart from that ginger and cilantro are believed to contain anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-fungal creams, tablets can be used on proper prescription. During menstrual cycle it is suggested to change the tampons more often to avoid infection or reduce existing ones.

Those who are more prone to various kinds of infections should be more conscious and informed about these occurrences. For them routine precautions are advisable. Wearing comfortable and airy clothes, which don’t cling to body tightly causing perspiration and generating heat, is always suggested to avoid fungal growth. Undergarments are to be chosen prudently. Instead of fancy synthetic materials, natural fabric should be opted for. Especially in hot and humid areas clothing should be done sensibly.

All the above information are based on generalized observation and are not to be followed without consulting a physician. Yeast Infection is most common among pregnant women. Pregnancy is a very vulnerable medical condition which requires extreme caution, thus, none of the above data is to be taken seriously for a pregnant person who is affected by yeast infection. Only doctor prescribed measures are applicable.