How to cure Toothaches?

ToothachesToothaches are a pain in … well, tooth. To completely cure the pain appointment with a dentist is necessary. But in the meantime several measures can be carried out that may reduce the pain considerably.

Method 1: Dental Floss

Flossing the area for any leftover food in the region of the mouth where it is paining may give quick relief. Rinsing the mouth with water to loosen the food particles also helps.

Method 2: Chewing

This solution comes more from common sense than from any scientific findings. It is advisable to avoid chewing from the side that pains.

Method 3: Painkillers

If it pains, pop a painkiller. As simple as that. Aspirin, Ibuprofen anything works. Adjust the dosage according to your need.

Method 4: Ointment

Apply a topical ointment containing benzocaine directly to the area where you are experiencing pain.

Method 5: Ice Cubes

Pressing ice cubes between the teeth experiencing pain would give you instant relief. Low temperatures reduce the flow of blood to the area you are experiencing pain, this reduces the pain.

Method 6: Cloves

With clean hands place the cloves in between the pained gum and the cheek. Cloves are natural numbing agents and when the saliva comes in contact with the clove, its effect starts. As a substitute, clove oil can also be used instead of whole cloves.

Method 7: Salt

Salt has the ability to make the mouth bacteria free and extract moisture from an inflamed gum. Hence, when a salt solution with warm water is used to rinse the mouth, it soothes area. Carry out this process for approximately half a minute. Repetition of this process is advised for quick relief.

Method 8: Garlic and Onion

These ingredients come under traditional remedies for curing toothache. Garlic and onion are known to have antibacterial qualities and hence, inserting a garlic clove or a small onion piece between the pained tooth and the cheek will greatly reduce pain. Chewing garlic and onion would leave you with bad breath, so make sure to mouthwash or brush your teeth after using this method.

Method 9: Liquor

Yes, liquor. Well, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to get drunk to cure toothache, although many of you’d wish for this. Alcohol as many of us have witnessed first-hand has the ability to numb. When applied to the affected tooth, it numbs the area considerably decreasing the pain. Taking a sip of whiskey and holding it along the cheek adjacent to the painful area of the mouth is one way of using alcohol as a numbing agent. Another way is dipping a sterile cotton in brandy or vodka and holding it against the pained tooth.

Method 10: Tea Bag

This shouldn’t surprise you anymore. We have used Alcohol, Garlic and Onion. We can surely use a wet black tea bag. Black tea has a high amount of tannins in it that is a type of astringent and can be used to reduce inflammation. Peppermint tea has a numbing effect that can be put to use to bring about relief to the pained tooth. Microwave the teabag with water for 30 seconds and squeeze out the water. Now, press the teabag down between the sore tooth and bite down it gently until the pain is relieved.

Ultimately, only a doctor can solve the problem of a toothache, so hurry up, book an appointment, but until then, the above methods should be enough to curb pain!