How to Get Rid of Acne Fast – How to Prevent and Treatment with Home Remedies

acneAcne is a skin sore or cyst that occurs in all ages starting from teenagers to adults. It is seen on the back, face, chest and arms. Acne vulgaris is the common form of acne, which is mainly caused due to overactive sebaceous glands. Excess sebum production along with dirt and grime, blocks the pore canal causing acne. This cyst is filled with pus that is painful and itchy and that is when we wonder how to get rid acne fast.

Even while we are thinking how to get rid of acne fast, the foremost thing that one needs to remember is the prevention:

  • Wash your skin with a specially formulated face wash or a medicated soap not more than twice a day to clean the oil and dirt accumulation, thereby preventing acne.
  • Avoid touching the affected area or even the face so that no external dirt or grime is transferred to the acne further aggravating it.
  • Take a shower immediately after a sweat producing session, to wash off all the sweat and dirt that can cause the nasty acne.
  • Follow an exercise regime to improve blood circulation that prevents acne formation.
  • Use formulas that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that work as anti bacterial agents.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes for proper air circulation and to avoid sweat accumulation. Also avoid friction.
  • Remember to remove make up before bedtime which will ensure unclogged pores that can breathe.
  • Get enough sleep and rest to avoid stress and fatigue.

How to get rid of acne fast with natural remedies:

  • Apply toothpaste to the affected are and leave overnight to get rid of acne fast.
  • Try an overnight treatment with fenugreek leaves and feel the effect next morning.
  • Application of papaya juice reduces the redness and the swelling of the acne.
  • A mixture of honey and cinnamon powder when applied to the affected area for 10mins works wonders to get rid of the acne fast.
  • Garlic paste or rubbing of garlic on the stubborn acne and leaving it for 15mins is effective natural remedy.
  • Spread white vinegar on your face and leave it on for 10 mins, wash off and see the effect.
  • Application of lemon juice on the acne directly, ensures reduction of the acne size and the inflammation.
  • Exfoliate your face with a mix of nutmeg powder and milk to get rid of acne fast and naturally.
  • Daily application of a paste of baking soda with water works equally well on the acne formation. Leave it on till dry completely and then wash it off for a better feel.
  • Apply tea tree oil in very small quantity, just as much on the acne for a fast action.
  • Try a mask with a paste of peppermint leaves, which will cool the inflammated acne to a great extent.
  • Aloe Vera will help you get rid of the acne fast along with the scars.
  • Cucumber juice can used to wash your face frequently, in order to reduce the redness and clear the excess oil from the skin.

Apart from the above remedies, you should also ensure a healthy food habit, healthy ad stress free lifestyle to further prevent acne. However, our “how to get rid of acne fast” tips can surely help you to keep acne at bay for the moment.