How to get rid of Cold Sores – Effective Cure with Home Remedies

Cold Sores

Does your mouth have some sort of cyst formation within or around it, leaving you in pain? Then it’s a cold sore. It could be something else though, so if the symptoms don’t match up or add up, then consult your doctor in regards to it. The linings of your mouth can also get a cyst filled with a watery substance as well. It can occur around the skin of your mouth or on the lips as well. If you want to get rid of a cold sore, then here’s what you must do. Gargle with something antibacterial and observe proper mouth hygiene. You might be suffering from herpes or something caused by the Herpes virus. It could be caused by any number of things, from bad oral habits and lack of brushing to unprotected oral sex.

Tips, Tricks, and Information on How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore

  1. Mouth Cysts from the Inside and Outside: Cold sores are essentially mouth cysts from the inside and outside that occur infrequently, whether it’s by brushing your teeth too vigorously or eating too much candy. You need a cold sore remedy for these oval or round sores with whitish appearance and a red border of sorts, especially when you have herpes.

The most common cold sore cause is the Herpes simplex virus (antibacterial mouthwash won’t get rid of it since it’s a virus, then), which is in your system dormant until triggered by sun overexposure, cold, and fatigue, necessitating cold sore remedies. Thankfully, waiting a cold sore out is a viable option. They tend to go away on their own after a week or two.

  1. In Certain Situations, Leaving a Cold Sore Untreated Is Bad: For minor cold sores, all you really need to do is wait them out. However, certain persistent sores shouldn’t be left untreated. You should seek a cold sore cure, particularly for those itchy and painful sores that cause utmost discomfort for all sufferers out there. You can try out home remedies or doctor’s prescriptions.

You can apply rubbing alcohol directly to the cold sore until it dries and relieves the throbbing pain, but be careful not to swallow the alcohol itself like you would when swishing mouthwash in your mouth. There’s no herpes cure out there, but there are ways to keep it from becoming too malignant or damaging to your mouth (you should avoid spreading it to others too).

  1. Myths and Facts Regarding Cold Sores: Knowledge is power when it comes to dealing with cold sores (or most anything, really). Thankfully, the Internet exists as an extensive repository for all your cold sore treatment needs. There are many cold sore myths out there too, like people saying canker sores and cold sores are the same. This is false.


Canker sores are bacterial and can be treated with antibacterial mouthwash. Cold sores are caused by herpes and as such you should let your body (or antibodies) treat it while making sure you’re not somehow making the situation worse. Those are the cold sore facts of the matter. The appearance and pain of a cold sore is in another level when compared to cankers. They appear specifically in small, tightly knit blister clusters.


  1. There’s No Permanent Solution: As far as cold sores are concerned, there’s no permanent solution that will ensure they won’t ever recur again. With that said, as long as you’re aware of what caused the cold sore to happen, you should be able to get rid of cold sore issues one way or the other. Also, as always, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, especially when it comes to avoiding herpes.


How to get rid of Cold SoresYou can also prevent oral sores and ulcerations by avoiding mouth-straining food or biting the inside of your mouth, among other things. You should have something antibacterial on hand when it comes to canker rather than cold sore treatment because it’s usually bacterial infections that keep a canker sore or wound open and worsening. Otherwise, let your body deal with it naturally.


  1. Have Faith in Your Body: No amount of drugs can replicate the amazing capabilities of the immune system. In fact, vaccines are nothing more than weakened samples of viruses you add into your body so that its immune system is better prepared to combat it at full strength. Unfortunately, once you have herpes, you can’t cure it. You can only keep it dormant.


Herpes breakouts and cold sore appearance is usually brought upon by prolonged illness (the immune system is shot), dryness, extreme cold, and overexposure to the sun. To get better results in dealing with dealing with cold sores due to herpes, you should supplement with vitamins, hydrate properly, and sleep well to maximize the capabilities of your immune system in dealing with the ever-present threat.


  1. Improve Oral Hygiene and Avoid Relapses: Even if there is no cure, that’s no excuse to making sure you don’t aggravate the situation. Any cosmetic product or dental ones like your toothbrush should be discarded immediately if you used them before or after the cold sore outbreaks happened. They’re already (and probably) infected with the virus, thus using them will lead to more breakouts.


Having your exposed toothbrush near other toothbrushes can help with the spread of the herpes, so do yourself and your loved ones a favor by getting rid of your infected possessions. You might trigger a relapse by reusing them too. This is an extremely contagious kind of virus. Don’t kiss, don’t share personal items, and don’t engage in oral sex.


  1. Stave off the Spread of Herpes: You should also take care not to get herpes as well by practicing safe sex. Do commonsensical things, like not licking genitalia that just penetrated the anus, to prevent bacterial and viral infections from spreading. Gargle after oral sex and use condoms. Practice safe and protected sex every time to minimize STI (sexually transmitted infection) spread.


Care should be taken not to touch your eyes or genitals without hand-washing first, especially after you just touched a cold sore or you’ve been exposed to someone with cold sores. Aside from getting rid of cosmetics exposed to sores, you should be putting them on your face or anywhere near your sore-filled mouth in the first place. They could aggravate the infection.


  1. Which Food to Eat and Extreme Weather: Salty or acidic food should be avoided if you have sores or if you want to prevent them from happening or being aggravated. You’ll be in a lot of pain if you eat such salted or acid-filled goodies while suffering from many open cold sores due to a herpes outbreak of sorts.


What’s more, apply sunscreen or some sort of anti-sun lip balm on your lips to avoid cold sore reoccurrence during sun exposure. As mentioned earlier, dryness and the presence of the sun could make your lips a magnet for cold sores, particularly when it comes to escalating the situation. Observe proper precautions. As for winter, keep yourself as warm as possible because cold sores can also happen in this season.


  1. How to get rid of Cold SoresTreatment of Cold Sores:Another home remedy you can try out when it comes to dealing with cold sores and cold sore complications (other diseases you might get along with it) is the usage of the lemon balm. If you have sore throat, that balm could help out as well. This treatment has antiviral properties as opposed to just antibacterial ones limited to canker treatment.


You can apply it as regularly as possible in order to prevent breakouts in the future while assisting your body when it comes to progressing the healing time. It’s been known to even cut the healing time by halving it. Use cough syrup if you’re also coughing. A cough drop is also fine depending on the severity of the coughing and the hoarseness of your throat.

Other Available Cold Sore Remedies: OTC or over-the-counter painkillers can also be used to deal with the cold sore pain. To be more specific, not only are you reducing the sensation of pain, you’re also ensuring that the sores don’t get aggravated, even if it’s something as simple as popping benzocaine pills as instructed by the packaging or as indicated by the doctor.


As for topical solutions you can put to dry out the sores, you can try applying petroleum jelly on the herpes symptoms you want to reduce. This agent can particularly soften up the sores and make them easier to heal, thus alleviating your sore outbreak. This can also protect you from secondary bacterial infections and canker sores.

Cold sores are a huge nuisance, but as long as you know what to do with them, you should be able to treat them properly. There are many ways to go about cold sore treatment, even if it takes buying Lysine or oral antiviral medication in pill form (an expensive proposition) and taking it to jumpstart your immune system and help alleviate the symptoms of your herpes infection. Outbreak occurrences will be reduced plus healing time will be cut down. Honey is also effective as a topical method of healing. Aloe vera, on the other hand, is perfect for pain relief. Indeed, there’s more than one way to skin this cat. Now you know how to get rid of a cold sore !