How to get rid of Cough

CoughA debilitating cough is one of the worst nightmares.  It can be both painful and annoying.  Cough is caused not only by cold and flu but by allergies and medications too.  Cold or flu induced cough will run its course in a few days, however cough due to medications or allergies will need further medical attention.

There are two types of coughs – wet and dry cough.  Coughs due to cold and flu can be treated with antihistamines and cough suppressants.

Salt-water gargle.  Warm salt water gargles will soothe the throat irritation.  It will aide in healing the chaffed throat and wash away the mucus which protects the germs and also kills them.  It also provides temporary relief from itchy throat.

Taking ginger and honey.  Ginger and honey is a great remedy for cough.  Ginger has been the weapon of choice since antiquity due to its decongestant and antihistamine properties.  Honey on the other hand with its antimicrobial property helps relieve the cough.  The two herbs can be brewed or stewed into a tea or can be mixed just as it is and had to derive the benefits.

Drink plenty of water, especially warm water.  Drink plenty of water and especially warm water.  Warm water is soothing to the throat and will help in getting rid of the phlegm collecting in your throat.  Plenty of water will hydrate your body helping it to heal faster and earlier.

Atmospheric irritant:  Avoid exposing yourself to irritants such as cigarette smoke and vehicular fumes, sprays like deodorants and room sprays, dust and naturally occurring allergens.  Using a humidifier will help the irritated throat.  A moisturized atmosphere will soothe the throat and will not irritate further.

Keep your head elevated.  One routine that gets severely affected is sleep when you have a cough.  It is recommended to sleep with your head elevated.  This would prevent the throat from drying out and thus irritating your throat causing cough.

Throat irritation.  One of the triggers for cough is dryness of throat.  Sucking on lozenges or even if there is hard candy at hand will do the trick.  The key here is to increase the moisture level of the throat.  Warm liquid should be ingested in plenty.  The much touted chicken soup or herbal tea, otherwise a simple warm water with a spoon of honey also will help.

Hot shower.  A hot shower or bath will not only be soothing but the steam from the water will help clear the nasal passage.

Rest.  Talk less and avoid shouting.  Eat well and eat warm food especially.  Avoid eating food items that could irritate your throat like sour or oily foods.  Get plenty of sleep.  Care should be taken to stay warm while taking rest.  Application of some soothing balm and wrapping your throat with woollen scarf will help in reducing the intensity of cough.

Have cough, it is your body’s way of saying to you to take it slow.  Take rest.  May be it is time for that much required break.  If the cough persist for a long time in spite of all the above measures consulting a professional is advisable as the underlying cause should be found out get relief from cough at the earliest.