How to get rid of Crickets?

How to get rid of CricketsCrickets are small flies with wings which have become an increasing problem with the families near the grasslands or farms. These flies make a lot of noise and hence are a nuisance for the neighborhood. Since these flies breed outside the homes, they do not enter the homes and so are difficult to catch. This is only a smaller part of the problem. Where there are crickets, animals and other bigger flies that prey on these smaller flies will be attracted to such area and hence causing even more problem.

In addition to the above problem, if the crickets by any chance enter the house, they might damage the wallpapers of the house, any furniture such as pillow covers, artifact made of cloth, cushions or couch made of leather or wool and more. Due to this problem, it is very necessary to prevent them from entering the house by not giving them a proper breeding ground in and around the house.

Ways to prevent cricket breeding

There are many ways in which one can prevent or get rid of crickets even if they have infested the surrounding areas of one’s house. Some of these ways are follows:

  • By using appropriate bait for the crickets, one can easily catch them. One such bait includes putting some molasses in a bowl and then filling that bowl with water. Crickets are attracted to molasses and so they will jump into the bowl containing molasses and will be trapped in water. One can then empty that bowl outside the house or in the dustbin where crickets cannot escape.
  • Since bright light attract insects like crickets, one should install low intensity lights outside the homes which will not attract much of insect wildlife. Moreover since insect are most attracted to blue light, one should install some insect killers which run on electricity and emit blue lights. As soon as the insect comes near the blue light, it is electrocuted.
  • One should also make sure that one has the minimum vegetation around the house since grass and wild plants are a breeding ground for crickets and other insects.
  • Filling the gaps in the walls or any such gaps in the house using an appropriate material can help keep these insects from entering one’s home.
  • One should keep an insect spray handy as these sprays can kill the insects almost instantly.
  • If the situation has gone out of control, one call always take the help of professional exterminators who use strong chemicals to check the growth of cricket population.
  • Removing any standing water in the house and keeping the house and the surrounding area clean can help to prevent the problem of crickets.

Do not leave any voids around the house where the crickets might get moisture and shade from direct sunlight. Make the area accessible to bright sunlight and you will find a sudden decrease in the population of crickets.