How to get rid of doublechin with ease

DOUBLECHINMany of us often wonder how to get rid of that double chin that seems to stubbornly hang on. A double chin can be a very unflattering addition to your face, sometimes even dominating the better features of the face. Since everyone dreads the double chin and wishes for a solution to do away with this suborn fat, explained below are some of the ways that could make your double chin disappear or atleast, reduce the bulge. So read on and get enlightened.


People facing over weight issues also have the problem of double chin and this can be reduced only when there is an overall reduction in the weight. Just the way fat gets accumulated at various places in a fat person, the lower chin area also gets bulged with the fat deposits, creating the effect of a second chin – the double chin. So eat healthy and exercise regularly, with an aim to lose weight, and you are sure to make a difference to your double chin too.


The way you sit and stand can make a difference to the double chin. Slumping while sitting or standing can increase the fat deposits in the chin region resulting in a double chin.


Platysma is that area of the chin that runs down from the lower jaw to the neck. Exercise this area by pulling the bottom lips over the teeth and move them up and down. Try stretching the facial muscles in this region and exercise for 10 minutes every day. This helps to add strength and tone the muscles.

You can also try another variation in this. Tilt the head up, keep looking at the ceiling. Purse your lips tightly and slowly release. Repeat this for 10-15 minutes.


Chewing gum can give a good work out for your facial muscles, helping you burn the excess fat there. However, get yourself a pack of sugar free gum to ensure that you don’t end consuming extra calories in an attempt to burn them.


Though following these chin exercises and other general exercises for weight reduction can help you lose the double chin, it is a time taking process and sometimes it can be very difficult to completely get rid of the double chin, especially when it is a case of heredity. In such cases, instead of fretting over it, try to camouflage it with suitable makeup and hairstyles.

One way to achieve this is to draw away attention from your neck area by accentuating other areas of your face. Make your eyes more interesting with eye makeup and use colourful blush to make your jawline look thinner. Avoid having your hair cut exactly till the level of your chin.

Though having a double chin has no big threats for a healthy life, it can often affect the appearance of a person. However, if your double chin is the result of excess weight or obesity, it is important that you try to keep your weight under control instead of looking for spot treatments to get rid of the double chin.