How to get rid of Fleas on Dogs

FleasDog fleas can be very painful for a dog since these fleas suck the blood of the skin of the dogs. It sometimes leads to itching and rashes also. And since these fleas are very small and hide themselves under the fur of the dog, it is very difficult to spot a flea very easily. These fleas can lay upto 4000 eggs on the host body and thus producing an army of more fleas within a few weeks. This situation if not taken care of can lead to anemia and ultimately death of the dog.

The dog might also be infected with harmful virus and bacteria which will lead to further infections and smelly skin.These parasites need moisture to survive and so cannot stand direct sunlight. These fleas are usually found in areas where there are thick bushes and grass vegetation since there will be moisture and these fleas can hide under the grass from sunlight.

Ways to prevent dog fleas

These parasitic fleas not only affect dog or cats but also can stick to humans. And so it is very necessary to get rid of these fleas in order to maintain a healthy and disease free environment in one’s house. Some of the ways to do this are as follows:

  • One way is to clean the backyard of the house or any area in the house where there is moisture and which is not accessible to direct sunlight. It will be a good idea to move the dog in the open yard where sunlight will take care of the fleas.
  • Wash all the dog clothes and carpets regularly with strong detergents to remove all the dirt and any fleas that might have laid eggs or larvae there.
  • Since fleas repel yeast, it will be a good idea to rub nutritional yeast available in the market on the skin of your dog and also on the clothes and its house or carpet.
  • Spreading slat on the clothes or the dog house is another option as the salt crystal attaches itself to the flea and kills the flea over a period of time. Also make sure to keep changing the carpet and dog clothes and spray fresh salt grains every week.
  • Make some lemon juice and mix it with water and then boil it for some time. Now let it stay this way for a day and then spray this lemon and water mixture only on the areas which might be infested with fleas.
  • Try using diatomaceous earth organic powder which kills the fleas almost instantly. Spray this powder all over the dog house and also on the dog carpet or the dog clothes.
  • Keep the grass level to a minimum by regularly mowing the grass. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dog carpets or any other dog sitting area as it will remove all the eggs and fleas stuck to the carpet.