How to get rid of Garlic Breath

How to get rid of Garlic BreathHaving a garlic breath can be very frustrating for all people around you as it gives a very bad impression of a person. Garlic is eaten and used by chefs all over the world since it adds a unique flavor to the dish which is relished by many people. Moreover garlic is prescribed by doctors to heart patients since garlic is known to have many medicinal properties.

Why does garlic smell?

Garlic contains sulfuric compounds which gets into the mouth and remains there until it is washed out by brushing or gargling with the proper mouth freshener. Over time, these sulfuric compounds break down into simpler compounds and thus releasing certain vapors which are the main reason for bad breath. In addition to the bad breath, the odor remains in the mouth and hence giving a constant garlic taste which can be very frustrating for the person himself/herself.

Ways to prevent garlic breath

There are various methods through which we can get rid of a garlic breath some of which are mentioned below:

  • Mustard is known to clean the garlic odor and the foul leftover taste in the mouth. One should take some mustard sauce and mix it with some water to make a thin paste/solution and then gargle using this solution for a minute or two and then spit the solution. After this, eat a teaspoon of thick mustard, the garlic breath will be completely wiped off from the mouth.
  • Mint products or mint chewing gums can help get rid of garlic breath. Products such as mint leaves or mint tea or polo can help overcome the smell and replace it with a fresh minty breath.
  • Brushing the teeth with regular toothpaste and then using a mouthwash and gargling for 3-5 minutes can give a fresh breath. Flossing one’s teeth is also an effective way to get rid of any garlic stuck in between the teeth. Moreover, using a tongue cleaner can be very handy in such situations.
  • Eating food such as bread, mushrooms or potatoes can reduce the effects of the garlic in the previous meal.
  • Drinking fluids such as water, lemonade or Gatorade or other strong drinks such as mild beer or breezer can help give a different breath since alcohol is known to kill bacteria and so it will remove any foul smelling bacteria in the mouth.
  • Parsley and lemon are known to neutralize the taste of garlic and hence remove the odor prevalent in the mouth.
  • Coffee beans or milk or a mixture of both can help undo the effects of eating a meal made in garlic.
  • Water Pik is a fool proof method much more effective than flossing to cure bad breath due to garlic consumption. It removes small particles from in between the teeth by using a flow of water at some pressure. Also it prevents any assimilation of sugar or other sulfuric compounds and hence prevents a garlic breath.