How to get rid of gnats in your home

GNATSGnats are those pesky little flies that buzz around irritatingly in the kitchen and around food stuffs and how to get rid of the gnats is a big problem for many home owners. These flies feed on food stuffs, composting and spoiling food.


Make sure that your kitchen is free of any open garbage. Remove any fruit or vegetable peels from kitchen tops once you are done with the cooking. Always wipe the kitchen surfaces properly and keep them dry always. While keeping the garbage out at night, make sure the garbage bags are tightly closed.


To eliminate the gnats from your home, keep the food away as cutting the food supply for the gnats can help keep them away from entering your home. Keep the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and don’t leave any cut fruits outside uncovered. Tightly cover the containers of food.


If you are being pestered with large populations of these flies and want to get rid of gnats in your kitchen, you can try setting up traps at night. Place a bowl of sugary lemonade or any other sweet, sticky liquid in the areas that are infested with gnats at night. The gnats will get attracted to the sugar and come to feed on it. They get stuck in the sticky liquid and get trapped.


Take some vinegar and water and make a solution of it. Fill up a spray bottle with this solution and use it to spray the kitchen surfaces and walls and then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. This helps remove any tiny food particles and spilt liquids that can attract the gnats to feed on them.


Gnats are attracted to all things rotten, not just food particles but also rotting plants and plant parts. Keep inspecting your garden and any other indoor plants for rotting leaves or stems. Also check if there are any rotting or infested substances in the soil that is attracting the gnats. If so, clear them off immediately or transfer the plant into another pot with fresh soil if necessary.


There are several chemical sprays available in the hardware stores or pest control outlets that are formulated to kill gnats and other flies. You can get these and spray them in the areas which are frequented by the gnats. If the infestation is too big, you will have to think of flogging. But before resorting to chemical sprays and repellents, make sure they are safe enough to use with pets or kids around. Also, before spraying keep all edible things inside the refrigerator and in tightly covered containers.


At night times after clearing away the kitchen tops and surfaces, spray some bleach solution onto the surfaces and also sprinkle some bleach in the sink and wash basins. You can also do this on any wet surfaces in the home or garden. This is an effective method as bleach kills gnats.

Gnats can be prevented by keeping the surroundings clean and dry and by not keeping any fruits or vegetables openly. When you have to keep them out, keep them covered. These will help reduce gnats significantly and get rid of the gnats from your home and garden.