How to Get Rid of Mice – Do it yourself methods

MiceHave you found any droppings recently or scratches on wooden furnitures? You instantly know that your house is infested with mice. The usual signs are when you hear a squeaking sound, spot fecal droppings, nests, nibble scars or a pungent stink. Mice infestation needs immediate attention, as rodents multiply at a faster rate and causes some serious damage to your property and leaving a question behind, how to get rid of mice?

Mice can squeeze their body through holes or pipelines with a diameter as tiny as 1.5inches, or even through wired hedges. How much you try to conceal all the openings that makes way for the mice, it is almost an unattainable task to keep mice away from entering our households. Before you wink, they must have vanished to some place that no one of us has even a hint about.

In order to avoid spreading of any related diseases or any discomfort to our family members or visitors; let’s discuss some methods on how to get rid of mice:

  1. The most important reason behind mice infiltration is the cleanliness inside the house as well as the surroundings. We need to ensure that the food articles are stored carefully. And not spread around the kitchen.
  2. Close any openings inside the house that can lead way to the mice. You can either seal the opening or put a steel wool which is generally impossible to chew on. One can even try keeping a cactus at the fissure which also prevents mice entry fearing them away.
  3. Cat or snake poo is equally effective to get rid of mice, as the stink makes them feel that a cat or a snake is around.
  4. There are different varieties of mouse traps available in the market, such as:
  • Electronic traps that produce ultrasonic rays killing the mice. Price can be a bit on the higher side but are highly effective.
  • Plastic or wooden traps which are widely used due to their efficiency and the low cost. You simply need to place an enticement to get the mice attracted towards it, and as soon as the mouse nears the trap, the metal bars close in to catch it.
  • The conventional traps that catch a mouse with bait and the mouse can later be released outside.
  • Traps with glue doe s fair job with small mice as it makes them stick on to it when they reach hunting for the bait.
  1. Poisons are other options which can be used to get rid of mice, such as:
  • The ones that mice feeds on and dies outside the home
  • Ones that can be mixed with bait such as peanut butter and placed at different corners of the house where the mice generally visit.
  1. Peppermint oil can equally help us to get rid of mice with its odor.

How to get rid of mice is a question which is common among all of us, and hence the above instructions if followed diligently can most certainly prevent the entry of mice in your homes. However, in the meanwhile you should keep in mind that the poisons should be away from children’s reach, keep your house clean by throwing away any junk, and consult a pest control specialist if required. Thus ensuring a life free of mice!