How to get rid of Moles – The Natural Way or Medical Way?

molesDo you see those small black or brown spots on your face? In most probability it is a mole which can either form a beauty spot or can make you feel awkward with an out of place and weird formation. Melanocytic nevus or moles are generally not very large but round in shape, smooth and flat, at times bumpy. These are formed of bundled melanin cells, which should otherwise be scattered throughout the skin, thereby leading us to worry on how to get rid of moles.

Moles can be of different colors depending on the melanin accumulation. They can be brown, black, yellowish or even skin colored, however, one needs to be aware of a cancerous mole and a normal mole. Normal/harmless moles are usually smooth circular formations in black, brown or skin color. These can be hairless, even or lumpy and vary in dimensions from tiny spots to bigger ones.

Malignant moles are generally bigger in size, darker in shade, uneven shaped, and traced on back, chest, butts, or scalp. These kind of moles, scientifically known as dysplastic nevi can form in adults, found on the entire body, and which hurt, cause irritation and may even ooze blood. Some kind of moles can be taken care of with home remedies; however, for some it is advisable to seek medical assistance rather than causing any further irritation.

How to get rid of moles

Home Remedies:

  • Bandage the affected area with chopped or pasted garlic within and leave it all night. Repeat the procedure till the mole sloughs off.
  • Vinegar is the most effective solution to get rid of moles safely. It is cost effective and imparts a blemish free skin. Take only a few drops on the cotton ball, apply it on the mole, and leave it bandaged for about an hour. Repeat the process till the mole vanishes.
  • Fruits like strawberries when cut and applied on the mole continuously for few days or grapefruit juice applied repeatedly throughout the day for almost a month, or inside of a banana peel applied directly help the mole fall off.
  • A mixture of baking soda and castor oil can work wonders for some if applied continuously for a few days.
  • 5% iodine solution is equally effective to get rid of moles, hence need to directly apply on the mole twice day, and leave it bandaged. Repeat for a few days and see it sloughing off.

Medical/Surgical Methods:

  • A surgeon can get rid of moles by cutting it off with a medical blade and then stitch the lesion. This procedure costs on the higher side and may often leave behind blemishes.
  • Electrotherapy is another procedure where the doctor freezes the affected area and then cuts of the mole. Following this they also ravage the cells causing the moles.
  • A non surgical option is with Liquid Nitrogen which is applied to the mole directly, which destroys the cells permanently.
  • Laser Therapy is comparatively a safer alternative to surgical options, as it destroys the melanin cells causing almost no harm to the adjacent tissues.
  • Glycolic or Salicylic acid peels are other options that can be taken over few weeks.

Larger moles need to undergo different procedure that requires several sittings over a period of time as it requires careful attention. Herbal remedies are other options, apart from applying a mole removal cream, for those who do not want to opt for surgical process to get rid of moles.

How to get rid of moles is a quintessential issue, however, not one that cannot be treated. Follow the instructions and be mole free.