How to get rid of Period Cramps?

Period Cramps

There seems to be a never-ending stream of complaints that are coming from women who are inconvenienced by their monthly menstrual cycle. We all know that this process is necessary for fertility and reproduction, but this does not mean that it stops women from going on and on about pms and the eventual cramps that arrive. It affects their disposition during those days because they are mainly uncomfortable. There may be a lot of ways that are said to help with how to get rid of period cramps, but there is no guarantee that these things will actually work.

Not only this, there are several millions of women who are suffering from painful periods. It seems that they are also on a search for that permanent cure. This painful time every month impedes their work too. But knowing all about what causes menstrual cramps and all the basics about the topic are not enough.  Each woman is different, and it onMenstrual-Cramps-Relief-and-Curely stands that their reactions to some solutions for ways get rid of cramps also varies. What works for others might not necessarily work for you, and that is where the problem lies.

But How to get rid of Period Cramps?

It seems that there is no miracle cure that can minimize pain during your period. But remember that there is also no harm trying out several solutions that you hear about. As long as they are non-invasive, and they do not pose big risks, you can go ahead and use them to help in eliminating painful periods that can interfere with your routines.

Don’t worry too much if your period is nearing. There are several ways that you can try to help get rid of cramps. Some are very simple and they will not even take much of your time. Every woman has her problems with pms and thoughts of what causes menstrual cramps, but know that there is always a solution that will work best with you.

Here are some simple techniques to help you out with cramps so that you can be more comfortable even while you are on your period.


1.      Take Some Medicines For Pain Relief

One of the most common and fastest relief solutions to people who are having a hard time with painful menstrual cramps is to take some medication. The ones prescribed for this condition are those with anti-inflammatory properties and are non-steroidal. They help with curing the pain that comes during your period. It is mostly taken when the woman starts to feel the cramps. It will be able to suppress the usual feeling and provide relief for the user.

The most common medicine that can be taken is Ibuprofen. They can be bought over the counter so it is not hard to get your hands on them. This will temporarily assist you to stop having painful periods, but this method should also not be abused since it can cause damage to the body in the long term. Make sure that the dosage that you take is just the right amount so that you do not end up. Consult some doctors or pharmacists about the best dosage because it will also depend on the age or the weight of the person.


2.      Apply Heat

pic_period-crampsIf you are a fan of home remedies, then this simple solution will definitely help to minimize pain during your period. During the time when modern medicine was not as convenient as it is now, this heating treatment was the primary method that was used by most women to help cure and relieve the pain that comes with menstruation every month. It might not provide easy and fast relief like when taking meds, but it does work towards the goal to get rid of menstrual cramps.

You can make use of heat pads or even a water bottle filled with hot water for this. Just place them in your lower stomach region and press it in the area for about 20 minutes. You will then notice that the pain will lessen, albeit a bit slowly. You can also take a hot bath with salts to help out with the pains you experience. The heat will help with the relaxation of the muscles, inside and out. This is the reason why it is so effective when you want to minimize pain during your period.


3.      Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

Unknown to many women, their body needs to be nourished well during their menstruation. Some may talk about pms and their cravings or comfort food, but what they neglect to remember is to focus on the nutrients that matters. One way that you can help yourself on how to get rid of pms is to stock up on vitamins. When your body is healthy, these cramps will not be as painful.

Make sure that you have enough Vitamins B, C, and E. Those fish oil supplements can also help plenty since they will be responsible for keeping your body in top condition so that you are not subjected to great bouts of dysmenorrhea at the onset of your period.


4.      Stay Fit and Exercise

period_cramps-ExercisesThe best thing that you can do for your body if you want to stop having painful periods is to be in control of your fitness regimen. Exercise actually contributes a whole lot more than you think when it comes to helping relieve pain during your period. You can get rid of cramps because the body is in a good condition. There are actually studies with regards to this subject and the findings point towards positive results. Women who regularly exercised and those who are physically fit are not prone to bouts of dysmenorrhea.

Although this does not really equate to a solution for how to get rid of pms, what is more significant is the point that this kind of routine is able to suppress the occurrence of painful menstruation. You don’t necessarily have to observe strict routines and intense workout, but a steady bit of sufficient physical activity will do. You will probably notice the big difference in the next months because your body is able to adjust to the cramps that are happening during your period. It won’t be as painful as before, and you might find yourself skipping away from the usual medication.

Believe it or not, there are times when simple solutions are best. By exercising, you can start the routine of get rid of menstrual cramps and make your way from there. You can use this as a starting point to help you out.


5.      Stay Away From Substances Containing Phytoestrogens And Xenoestrogens

Another thing that you can do to help yourself when it comes to painful cramps is to avoid foods ad substances that have Phytoestrogens and Xenoestrogens. A lot of people might not know about these, but it can be concluded that they have the ability to influence estrogen levels in the body.

These seemingly foreign counterparts of the female hormone are not generated in the body, but they are actually taken from the consumption of plants which contain the substance. This is what makes them risky.

woman-suffering-from-menstrual-crampsAlthough there are some studies that do not necessarily relate these substances with having painful cramps, it’s always best to be on the safe side for this. These are said to contain some components that eventually lead to deficiencies in Vitamin B and magnesium, which is then related to the process of painful cramps. Each result may depend on the person who is affected and how he is generally built when it comes to health. You may stop having painful periods or you may not. There is no specific result that can be expected.


6.      Think About Birth Control

If you are primarily after birth control and you want to get rid of menstrual cramps, then one thing that you can do to take care of both is to take birth control pills. Pregnancy happens because a woman is fertile, and the process that is associated with this is menstruation. By taking pills, the body is placed in a standstill of some sort when it comes to being fertile. Instead of every month, your period will probably only come every three month. This lessens that time that you directly have to suffer from cramps. But of course, this method is also not as simple as it sounds. Before taking any sort of birth control pills, you will have to consult your doctor about the best ones that can be prescribed to you. Taking the wrong ones may only result to more harm than good if you are not careful.

In the line of birth control, there is also another option that you can try out if you are aiming to lessen the impact of painful cramps during your period. You can try out contraception in the form of injectables. Of course, this is another procedure that cannot be done at home. You will need to see your doctor for this. You may notice that after a few months, the cramping will no longer be as severe as it was before. The reason for this is because of the fact that this injectable can help thin down the lining of the uterus. This results in lesser cramps during menstruation, thus, less pain to be experienced.

Another birth control method that can help reduce cramps and pain during menstruation is the use of an IUD or an intrauterine device. You will again notice that this process helps with stopping painful periods. Similar to how other contraceptive methods work, this one can also reduce the pain. Some people might not even be aware of what causes menstrual cramps, but they find that these contraceptives actually do help with their monthly problems.



7.      Go Back To The Basics

pic_period-cramps2As stated above, women who are healthy and fit have been proven to have less cramps than the average person who does not exercise or keep healthy. If you want to know how to get rid of pms or take away those painful bouts during your period, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to rely on your abilities.

You should never deviate away from rest. Make sure that you get enough to compensate for the tiring day that you have. Stay away from vices because they will most likely be the main cause of the deterioration of your body. This does not bode well for those who want to keep healthy. Also, try to relax once in a while. Being productive is good and all, but overdoing it is not a good habit to have. You will also push yourself to exhaustion, eventually leading to an unfit body that might not be able to handle the pain during your period, which makes it all the more severe.

Going back to the basics does not mean that you have to start all over again. It means that you have to change your bad habits little by little. Take some moment to reflect on what you can do to help improve your body condition, and you would be surprised at the changes that it can bring, especially during and before your menstrual cycle every month.

Experiencing pain during your period is a common problem for most. The severity of that pain is the one that varies, and this can cause a whole lot of trouble if you are not able to remedy it. Some people experience mild pain conditions while others have crippling ones. These 7 simple solutions are merely a part of the many attempts of women to find that miracle worker that can eliminate the pain.

Remember that there is no guarantee that it can work for you. Depending on your lifestyle, body, weight, and other factors, these solutions might be too little or too much. It’s a matter of exploring solutions and finding one that works best for you. Try out these things and see what it can do for you. As long as you consult professionals and try to keep healthy, then getting rid of those awful cramps during your period might not be as hard as it seems.