How to get rid of Pigeons

PigeonsEven if you are a bird lover or animal lover, sometimes these birds can cause a lot of problems and give you a very hard time getting rid of them. Pigeons belong to such category of birds.We need to implement ways though which we can get rid of these birds without harming them or killing them as killing would ultimately lead to criminal charges against a person.

Reason for getting rid of Pigeons

There are a lot of reasons why pigeons can be a nuisance in one’ life and some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Pigeons make their nest on the cozy and comfortable balconies, above the air conditioners and other such areas in the house which creates a lot of dirt and noise.
  • Pigeon’s nests lead to foul smell and these birds bring food from various sources which ultimately spoil the balcony or the surrounding area.
  • These nests if created on an electric pole or a transformer or may be electrical equipment such as an air conditioner can be a major fire hazard as these nests are made of wood and other materials which can easily catch fire.
  • These pigeons might attract other birds leading to more noise and more dirt. All this dirt and filth can become a breeding ground for various types fatal viruses and bacteria and thus spreading diseases.
  • The dropping of the pigeons is another reason to get rid of them since it is very unhygienic and disgusting to have a balcony full of bird droppings. Moreover, there droppings contain uric acid which leads to the corrosion of metallic objects and hence ultimately leading to damages to the machinery or electrical equipment.

Ways to get rid of Pigeons

There are many ways in which a person can get rid of the pigeon gathering on his/her balcony or any other place or area in the house. Some of these ways are as follows:

  • One way is to cover that particular area by a net or some other non-penetrable layer which will cut the access to that area for any type of bird.
  • Other way is to regularly clean that area for any dirt or other filth as regular cleaning will discourage the pigeons to stay there as pigeons are afraid of humans.
  • Electronic equipmentis available in the market which acts as bird repellant. These gadgets release a particular sound of certain wavelength which is not audible to human ear but is very loud to the ears of birds and thus it will prevent them from visiting the area where such instrument has been installed.
  • Professionals help can be taken if the problem becomes very extreme. These professional can remove the bird nest and add certain things or chemicals which repel any type of birds.
  • Filling the area prone to pigeon nesting by thorns and other such barb wires can prevent pigeon breeding.
  • Bird slide barriers are also very efficient way of preventing bird nesting’s as these barriers make it impossible for the birds to sit and make a stable nest.