How to get rid of Pimple fast – OTC Formulations Decoded

PimpleA very common and embarrassing problem pimples however does not reflect on personal hygiene.  It is caused by a combination of hormonal fluctuations, clogged pores, and life style.  Here we take a look at some of the compounds one should look for while buying pharmaceutical formulations to treat pimples.

Salicylic acid.  The most commonly recommended treatment for pimples is salicylic acid.  Salicylic acid dries up excess oil and eliminates the bacteria.  This acid is used to safely kill bacteria and dry up the excess oil that causes pimple. Over-the-counter products that contains salicylic acid compound in the form of creams or soap can stop cropping up of overnight pimples and development of pimple over the long term.

Benzoyl peroxide.  Similar to salicyclic acid, Benzoyl peroxide is another compound that will help in clearing dead skin and help the skin regenerate faster.  However care should be taken to use products with 3% or less of benzoyl peroxide to avoid skin irritation.

Sulfur products.  Although it is not known why and how sulfur works but it does work.  It reduces the oil production, thus reducing pimple outbreaks.

Retinol product.  A type of Vitamin A complex, retinol is used in drying out pimples.  Application of Retinol product once a day till the pimple disappears can help.  If you have sensitive skin retinol may not be suitable for you.  However care should be taken that while using retinol sun exposure should be avoided and moisturizer should be used regularly.

Use a sonic cleanser.  Sonic cleansers are expensive tobuy.  They are like electric tooth brushes which clean out the pores through vibrating and circular scrubbing motion taking out the grime and dirt that is causing the pimple.  As soon as you feel the pimple coming, place the brush over the pimple for 1 minute with a little bit of cleanser.

Steroid injection.  Deep cystic pimples will need professional help.  Your dermatologist can give you steroid injection to keep the redness and inflammation at bay and the pimple will disappear much more quickly than normal.  Also the dermatologist will be give you further options to keep future outbreaks.

Resorcinol.  Resorcinol is a crystalline phenol is produced from various resins.  This compound reduces pimple by breaking down black heads and white heads

Azelaic Acid.  Azelaic acid is useful most for patients with dark skin and whose pimples have a tendency to leave black blemishes.  It strengthens the follicular cells, stopping oil eruptions, reducing bacterial growth, and reducing inflammation.  It can be found naturally in wheat, rye, and barley.

Triclosan/triclocarban.  Triclosan/triclocarbans are found in a variety of OTC cleanser and washes.  It acts against gram positive and gram negative organism and is used widely in surgical products and deodorants.

Hydroxy acids.  This compound is found organically in grapes, citrus fruits, milk, apples etc.  The efficacy of this compound is in the concentration it is used in.  It works by breaking the oil produced by the skin as it is acidic thereby leaving the skin less oily and oil free.  It acts as a mild facial exfoliate removing the upper layer of the skin and thus not allowing the microbes to survive.

However, any topical product for pimple should never be used as monotherapy and preferably should be combined with other topical nonantibiotic, antimicrobials such as benzoyl peroxide.