How to get rid of pink eye fast

PINK EYEPink eye or conjunctivitis is a common eye infection that affects people of all ages. It may be due to bacteria or viral infections or even due to allergens (pollen, dust, etc.) or strong chemicals. Though generally heals by itself, severe bacterial conjunctivitis may need medical help. However, to lessen the irritation and pain, there are several home remedies. Here are some helpful tips on how to get rid of pink eye.


Pink eye caused by viral infections generally does not need any medications and heals by itself. However, in extreme cases, your ophthalmologist may prescribe some anti-viral eye drops or ointment. This kind of pink eye takes a little longer to heal than the other types.


Pink eye caused by bacterial infections is quite common and it is cured by anti-bacterial drops and ointments.


In case of pink eye caused by allergens like dust, pollen or any strong chemicals, the irritation can be reduced with many simple home remedies. With proper care and home treatments, this kind of pink eye can be healed pretty soon.


Whatever may be the source for infection, pink eye generally makes the eye swollen with burning sensation and irritation. To get relief from this, compresses can be tried. For bacterial and viral infections, hot compresses are a better option while cold compress can work well for pink eye caused due to allergies. You can use whichever method gives you more relief. However, take care to use a different compress for each eye as the infection spreads fast.


Honey has antiseptic properties and is good in soothing irritated tissues. Mix a little honey in lukewarm sterile water and use this to rinse the eyes. This may cause a little stinging sensation initially which is normal. Repeat this procedure several times a day for better results.


Chamomile tea is supposed to work well for soothing the irritated eyes affected with pink eye. Place chamomile tea bags on the eye for a while or rinse the eyes with chilled chamomile tea. This method helps to heal the swollen eye and the irritation.


Garlic is a proven natural antibiotic, used to treat a large number of common infections. Take a pod of garlic and let the juices out by pricking it or lightly crushing it. Apply this on the eyelid and beneath the eye. You can also make a paste of the garlic pods and apply them on the eye. It may burn a bit in the beginning but with several applications a day, the itching will gradually go away.


Pink eye or conjunctivitis infections are highly contagious so strict hygiene should be followed to prevent the infections from spreading. Used tissues and any other cloth used to wipe the eyes should be disposed off immediately after use. The clothes of the infected person should be washed separately.

Though these infections resolve by themselves, due to their contagious nature, it is better that you stay indoor till the symptoms began to reduce. Refrain from going to office and to school in the case of children.