How to Get Rid Of Raccoons


Kids think that raccoons are one of the cutest and sweetest animals ever. They are furry and they have those puppy dog eyes that simply melt every kid’s heart. But for adults, it is evil incarnate. It is one of those stubborn pets that once you have it, you might be having a real hard time trying to get rid of it. Thus, the title how to get rid of raccoons would surely be considered a bull’s eye concern for those homes experiencing a raccoon infestation.

Now, before you get all too sensitive as to why this furry creature is a pest, it is not the best time for you to report to PETA or something. There is a valid reason as to why they are considered to be a bad pest and that they need to be eliminated. Here are the reasons why:

  • They love to live in the attic

Whatever it is that attics have, these raccoons just couldn’t get enough of them, and you will have a very hard time if you try to get rid of raccoons in the attic. In fact, it is one of the reasons why there are a lot of people complaining about raccoons.

  • They love to live in the chimney

And if attics are not enough, chimneys are considered their second home too. This is another reason as to why you really need to get rid of raccoons. Perhaps there is something warm and cozy about chimneys that would make raccoons to prefer living there. In fact, second to attics, chimneys have also been reported by most households to have been inhabited by these pest raccoons.

  • How to Get Rid Of RaccoonsThey tip garbage cans

This is one of the reasons why you would rather prefer small pests to infest your area rather than the big ones. It is because they have enough strength to really make a mess. In fact, they are big enough to even afford to tip garbage cans. And a rodent or any other form of pest would have enough strength to do that. Thus, it is a great effort to get rid of raccoons.

Once your garbage cans are tipped over, imagine only the gamut of destruction and stinking havoc that it may cause to you and your neighborhood. Surely, you don’t want that.

  • They steal pet food

They are not only freeloaders, but they are also stealers – a thing you need to know in getting rid of a raccoon. Unfortunately, they are sneaky and wise enough to know where you keep the food that are meant for your pets. They do have a strong sense of smell and a cunning way to get to the food that they have smelled.

  • They can be rabid or sick

This is the worst ever. In getting rid of a raccoon, you don’t want a rabid raccoon to run off amuck around your house. If you have kids at home, then that could be a real danger. We don’t know what these raccoons have eaten or what kind of poison they have already run into. When they turn rabid, then that would mean a serious health condition for your home that should be quickly addressed.

  • It causes alarm for house pets

Your house pets can be a dear only if they have not found anything that would cause an alarm or a riot in the house. Surely, you don’t want your pets to always be on the lookout and on an alarming mode because of distress every time a raccoon is being spotted. It would be best to opt to getting rid of a raccoon.

But How to Get Rid Of Raccoons?

There are many ways for getting rid of raccoons. However, these are the most common techniques that most animal control companies would employ, especially when dealing with raccoons. These are the following:

  • Making trapsHow to Get Rid Of Raccoons

Making a trap is probably the oldest trick in the book, but it still works very effectively. In fact, trapping has always been considered to be the most preferred option, especially if you want to remove a wildlife animal.

However, when you trap an animal, it can be very difficult and that would not always right away address the problem. While it is true that you may be able to trap one raccoon, who knows there could be others out there who are waiting in line to live in the chimney or in the attic. There are also times that whenever you make a trap, you might be able to trap the wrong animal. At worst, your pet might fall for that trap.

Make sure that when you are getting rid of raccoons, it must be done correctly. This is something that most household owners are not experienced in doing, and for these cases, you can hire a company that will really take care of this. For more information, you may check online on the best guide as to how to better trap a raccoon. For all you know, what you are doing could be illegal since in most states, it requires a licensed trapper to do this job.

  • Making preventive measures

Surely, every sane homeowner would realize that prevention is always better than cure. Thus, in this case, you must be able to employ the right measures for you to secure that no raccoons will have that opportunity in being able to stroll in your garbage or your pet supply food. This is a better way on how to get rid of a raccoon.

If possible, you need to make sure always that your garbage is always clean and well disposed. It would be greatly discouraged if you leave some food lying about. You can even install a steel mesh barrier so that the raccoon will be having a hard time to enter your premises and they must give up by them.

  • Using raccoon repellents

A lot of households would try to use this. But really, if you want a very effective way to get rid of them, this is not of those. You can check the market and there would be a lot of raccoon repellents out there. You need to know what comprises these repellents and weigh the benefits against its costs if it is really worth it.

These repellent products for raccoons contain a certain element known as naphthalene or ammonia or even predator urine, particularly from a coyote or a fox. All of which are considered to be very harmful on the part of humans. Should your pet dog or your kid would wander about and found these products, it could be an alarming situation. This will be a possible cause of food poisoning in the home.

Besides, there has been no evident result that these products actually work as to the manner on how to get rid of a raccoon. You can be rest assured that even though they are very affordable, know that there is no easy (or in this case, cheap) way to get rid of raccoons. You need to know their real behavior and target the very root cause of these vermin. If possible, it is best to always hire a professional company to do this.


Getting to know your vermin

As mentioned, the best way on how to get rid of a raccoon is to probably target the root cause. And one of which is that one must be able to know more about these raccoons and their behavior. So, if you want to know more about raccoons, then it is about high time for you to know more of them very well.

Raccoons are considered to be very common in the North American areas. They are also very much prevalent in both rural areas and in urbanized areas. If you really want to know their animal lineage, one can say that their genetic history can be blurry sometimes. They are not actually related to other animals. However, they are a distant relative of bears.

For their size, they can be quite strong. That is the reason why they have enough power to tip garbage cans. They are also excellent climbers as well. So don’t bother putting all your stocks of food in a high place and be rest assured that they won’t find it because they will. All they need is to climb for it.

Yes, they can be cute, especially while they are still young. In fact, there are even times that most households are even tempted to pet them. They would even mean to leave food behind so that they can feed a particular raccoon that keeps on visiting them. However, don’t be so sure, as they can be very temperamental. And once they do get cranky, you might have to regret petting them.

They are also omnivores. And because of that, beware. They can chew off your meat you have just set aside for dinner or your salad. That is how voracious they can get. But not to worry since they are nocturnal, you can be rest assured that they won’t be hunting any of your food or belongings while it is still morning.

Are they really bad?

How to Get Rid Of RaccoonsWith all this hype about raccoons and how pesky these pests can be, one should not always make a rash judgment that they are already bad animals. NO, they are not. However, they can be menacing and naughty. And the reason why they are like that is because of their true nature.

Raccoons are talented and clever. They can even survive pretty well even when they are in a house or in a forest. Indeed, they can get into a lot of trouble, particularly because they are very handy and clever and most importantly, very adaptable. They can even be aggressive if they insist on being adaptable. They can rip a hole in your roof just to make a point.

The reason why most would think that they are bad is because they can cause a lot of damage and trouble at home. They can break a lot of stuff and they can cause disorder too.

Do they have rabies?

A lot of people would believe that since raccoons are wild, they have rabies. But one should know that rabies is actually a virus. Raccoons will only have them only if they get infected by transferring such virus on them.

This is where the danger of having a rabid raccoon would take place. Raccoons being a nuisance are tolerable and even manageable. But if they get infected, no amount of lenient measure would help. In fact, such animal must be clearly disposed of immediately or should be reported to animal health department.

Getting on with getting rid of them:

Now that you know a thing or two as to the very nature of raccoons and some of the basic ways in order to get rid of them, then you should now continue with the plan as to how to really get rid of them.

Surely, it should cost a price. And it is for this reason that you need to know how much you would be expected to spend for a raccoon removal.

Now, the price actually depends. If you have a pesky raccoon that has not gotten a hold of your home as he is only outside, making a nuisance, this will not be much of a problem as the cost of getting rid of this raccoon will be lower. The reason why is because the mode of trapping this raccoon would be much simpler.

However, if a raccoon has already settled in your attic or in your chimney, then expect a more expensive work. The cost would vary, still depending on the situation, but all in all, the animal control company will have to base their price on the following main principles that they have to follow especially when it comes to determining the rate:

  • Does it require risks?

If it requires risks to the point that only an expert should only be able to do it, you need to spend enough money for it.

  • Does it involve long work?

Is it something that can be done overnight? If it doesn’t and it still has to be pursued for days, that would mean expensive service.

  • How is the raccoon?

All raccoons are unique. If you are faced with an evil raccoon or the kind that would really put up a fight, then good luck. You’re going to need a lot of money for that.