How to get rid of rats fast

RATSRats are troublesome pests that not only can damage food products but also spread many dangerous diseases among human population. Since these creatures pose severe health hazards, it is better to eliminate them as soon as you spot one, so that their number does not out of control. Here are some fool proof ideas on how to get rid of rats.


These are methods to catch the rats which have been in use since ages and are generally effective when used with the right kind of baits. Though many kinds of food stuff with a strong odor are used as bait, rat poison baits are also available at many stores. Another non-toxic alternative are the electrocution traps, which give a lethal electric shock to the captured animal.


Rats get attracted to a place when there is abundant supply of food for them. Taking away this food and making it inaccessible for the rats can help driving away the rats from your home. Always keep the garbage in tightly covered cans. Do not leave out any leftover food in your yard. If you have pets, make sure that any leftovers from their food are not thrown out openly in the yard. At night, keep your kitchen free from any kind of open food products. Remember to close the windows properly.


Rats can fall in love with your home if the yard is filled with old junk, wood chips or heaps of fallen leaves and twigs. Empty your yard of these and the rats are sure to change their mind. Clear any piled up garbage in the yard and also keep your garage free from clutter. If you are still suspicious about the presence of rats, check your yard and the house for any kinds of burrows or holes.


Many good poison baits are available in the marketto get rid of rats. Use poisons with warfarin, Fumarin, Chlorophacinone or Diphacinone. These poisons are available as poison food or poison water and rats need to feed on them each day for about a week before these chemicals start acting and kill the rats. But make sure not to leave these baits openly in your yard or home as they can be toxic to children or pets. If you notice that the baits have been left untouched, make sure to keep them away.


This has been one of the oldest and natural methods of keeping the rat populations under control. Cats are their natural predators so keeping a fluffy little friend at home can make it easy to keep the rats away. Cats can help eliminate any existing rat populations in your yard and also help preventing any rats from entering your home due to their presence.

Apart from these simple measures to get rid of the rats, you can also try preventive measures as this will ensure that the rats you drove away with so much difficulty will not come back. So keep your surroundings clean always and close all the entry points of rats into your home.