How to get rid of sore throat fast

SORE THROATUpper respiratory tract infections often start with a sore throat that can affect our daily activities. Getting rid of the sore throat is actually quite simple with a combination of simple home remedies and over-the-counter medications. Sore throat can sometimes even make it difficult to swallow food and it can be a big problem to young children too. Given here are some quick ways to get rid of sore throat in a short time.


For instant relief from sore throat, try several over-the-counter medications that are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory formulations. These are useful when you need to get back to work and cannot wait for other slower medications to take care of your sore throat. You can also go for lozenges that may not cure the sore throat infection but can provide relief from the pain for a while.


A cup of hot tea is always good for a sore throat but tea made of certain herbs and natural ingredients can help cure the infection fast. Indian basil, ginger and peppermint are all great ingredients to make tea with when you are suffering from sore throat. Just put the herbs in boiling water, let it seep for a while and have it hot. Use honey as a sweetener. Honey helps to soothe the throat and also has antiseptic properties.

Green tea is also very effective to cure a sore throat as it boosts the immune system and helps to resolve the infections fast.


Salt water gargling helps to ease the swelling as well as to loosen the mucous, helping to flush out the bacteria. Add a spoon of salt to a glass of warm water and use this to gargle several times a day.


Staying hydrated is very important in cases of sore throat as fluids help to ease the irritated tissues and also aid to reduce the inflammation. Consuming a lot of warm fluids can help soothe the throat. Drink lots of water and juices rich in Vitamin-C to boost the immunity system. Having soups like chicken broth can also be helpful. However, do not drink fluids which are very hot as it can cause pain to the already inflamed throat. Keep them all warm enough to soothe the sore throat.


In most cases of sore throats in adults, bacteria are main culprit in causing the infections related to throats. Bacterial infections can cause sore throats that are extremely painful and do not go away soon. If you find no improvement in the symptoms even by the second day, inspite of following the home remedies, it is better to see your doctor. Antibiotics are the best preferred option in such cases and the dosages will be prescribed by the doctor after performing some tests. Streptococcus is a bacterium that causes most of these infections.


Infections are caused when the immune system is compromised and in many cases, especially among working adults, stress and lack of sleep are the reasons. So when you have a terrible sore throat, take lots of rest and relax. This helps your immune system to grow stronger, thus helping it to fight the infection and gettingrid of the sore throat.