How to get rid of Spider Veins?

Spider VeinsNo, we are not talking about Spiderman. Spider Veins remain one of those mysteries that medical science has not been able to successfully solve. Nobody can exactly tell the cause of spider veins, some blaming the genetics, hormones and what not. It has also been observed that spider veins are more commonly seen on females than on males, especially pregnant females. Nonetheless spider veins don’t cause any particular discomfort except aesthetically. Curing spider veins is very easy, with a number of solutions ranging from professional treatments to natural home remedies.

Method 1: Sclerotherapy

Don’t worry it isn’t even half as diabolical as it sounds. It’s a pretty straightforward procedure with many people opting for it over time taking and less effective home remedies. In the treatment, a saline solution or detergent is injected into the veins causing them to clump together or clot. Hence, making them less apparent. Some cases may require several injections but even the most needle phobic patients undergo this procedure facing no or little difficulty. Cost for a sclerotherapy session may range from anywhere between $350 to $750, for both legs, depending upon the doctor.

Method 2: Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment are passé, they cost more, are less effective and the patients undergo the same level of pain as in Sclerotherapy. However, they are suitable for the treatment of delicate areas and also for patients allergic to the saline and detergent injections.

Some doctors use a mixture of both the techniques to cure Spider Veins, using Sclerotherapy for major portions and Laser Treatment to vanish the tips of the veins.

Method 3: Witch-Hazel Lotion

No, this isn’t some evil potion cooked up by a witch in her evil liar. It’s just a shrub which has high amount of tannin, giving this plant astringent properties. Astringent are known to tighten and harden tissues. Hence, when used to cure Spider Veins , it tightens and soothes the veins to cure them. This is a temporary solution and constant application of the lotion is very necessary for prevention of Spider Veins. This method can also be used as a follow up after undergoing Sclerotherapy or Laser Treatment.

Method 4: Grapeseed Oil

A base of grapeseed oil mixed with few drops of geranium, cypress and lemon oil is to be applied on the affected region. Gently massage the area after the application of the base in the direction of the heart. This regime should be followed regularly throughout the week to witness notable results.

Method 5: Diet

Including foods such as berries, especially blue berries, cherries, red grapes, citrus fruits such as orange, garlic, onion, ginger and chilli in the diet greatly improve the circulation of blood, making the veins a lot less noticeable.

Incorporating supplements like Calcarea fluorcium, sileacea, Pycnogenol, Resveratrol, rutin and hesperidin along with shrubs like witch-hazel, horse chestnut and butcher’s broom in diet strengthens veins over a long period of time and provide a natural and permanent cure to the problem.

Some tips straight from grandma’s books are to stop crossing your legs and lying on the bed or floor with your legs up the wall for 15 minutes or so.

Following one or more of the above methods would definitely help you get rid of Spider Veins.