How to get rid of Spiders in the Most Natural Way

SpidersSpiders love to inhabit in places where there is a lot of mess. The more the muddle the easier it is for them to dwell. Spiders appear to be the harmless little creatures but with their nests all around the corners of the house it is an unsightly experience. We can seek professional help at time to get rid of such pests at times, including, rodents, lizards, termites and spiders, however we are again at the risk of getting exposed to the hazardous chemicals.

Therefore, in order to keep our house clear of the spiders without the harsh medicines, we need to follow a few instructions. Below are listed some of the points on how to get rid of spiders in the:

  • The most important point should be to keep our house clean at all times. We need to clear any mess inside the house, such as, any room or corner that may be stuffed with furniture and unkempt is a cozy dwelling for the spiders. We need to ensure that all piece of furniture are arranged properly and the corners are tidy.
  • Find and close any such cracks or pits that can be a possible entry for the spiders. Due to their tiny sizes, spiders can find a route inside the house from even the smallest of holes. We can also use window screens with nets to get rid of spider’s entry.
  • Taming cats can b a best option since spiders steer away with the very sight of this animal.
  • Keep a check on the fatals or openings of a door or window to prevent a spider coming in. also make sure that the space surrounding your home or even your garden is clear of any clutters that may create a habitat for the spiders.
  • Vinegar serves as a repellant, so mix vinegar and water and spray at all the corners of the house to get rid of spiders.
  • Spiders feed on mosquitoes, cockroaches or moths. Though it can be good in a way, but allowing them to feed on these bugs also encourage their habitat. Hence, to get rid of spiders, we first need to get rid of these bugs.
  • Eucalyptus oil, lemon peels/citrus peels or onion and garlic plants work as some other variants of repellants for the spiders.
  • We can even spray a mix of peppermint oil mixed with water to get rid of spiders naturally.
  • Keeping a cedar block in the house can help get rid of spiders with its repelling properties.
  • One can either spread some tobacco near the spider’s dwellings or mix it water and spray on all possible corners to keep spiders away.
  • Chestnuts are equally effective when we want to get rid of spiders. We can keep some of these at the places, such as the cupboards, near window, doors, and all corners.

The above remedies if followed diligently will certainly ensure a house to get rid of spiders most effectively. How to get rid of spiders must not be a great task anymore, however, we all need to ensure proper cleaning of the house and the surroundings at all times to make way for these creatures. We cannot blame the insect much if we love to dwell in a mess ourselves!