How to get rid of Split Ends

Split EndsSplit ends are the splitting of hair from the tip into two or more smaller extremely thin thread which make the hair look untidy and rough. Split ends can be caused by a number of factors including excessive exposure to heat and dirt, poor maintenance of hair by not washing properly or combing regularly, excessive mechanical stress by keeping the hair tied for long hours or pulling while combing or while washing and also by regular use of curling iron or hair straightener or not keeping hair covered in sun.

Homemade remedies to prevent split ends

There are many ways in which a person can avoid or undo the effects of split ends at home. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • Avoid the regular use of hair dryers, curling irons or other such instruments which can weaken the bonds in the hair thread and hence making it vulnerable to breakage or splits.
  • Avoid the use of very strong shampoos and conditioners which contain very harmful chemicals which can prove to be fatal for the hair growth and density.
  • Oiling one’s hair regularly by olive oil or castor oil or coconut oil can significantly improve the quality of the hair and thus prevent split ends. The oil needs to be Lukewarm and needs to be appliedthroughout the scalp by massaging with very soft hands.
  • Instead of using strong conditioners, natural conditioners such as egg solution in water or alcoholic drinks such as beer can be used which do not contain any such harmful chemicals.
  • Water and honey mixture gives shine and natural strength to the hair.
  • Not using clippers or bands regularly and for long hours can prevent split ends. Also, not using a rough towel to dry the hair by rubbing the towel against the hair aggressively will help a lot. Instead let the hair dry naturally under a fan.
  • Eating the right food and avoiding too much fried or junk food and also sleeping for a minimum of 7- to 8 hours a day can be very decisive in determining the health of the hair. One also needs to have some kind of work out in one’s schedule so that the hair follicles get a regular blood flow.

Other ways to prevent split ends

Apart from the ways of avoiding and preventing split ends at home, one can always take help of professionals who can get rid of split ends. Following are some of the ways:

  • Trimming the hair properly in a saloon with the help of a professional so that the split ends are removed. This process needs to be followed regularly since hair tends to get damaged very soon.
  • Preventing the excessive use of hair color or using only recommended and professional color for one’s hair will keep the hair healthy.
  • Using wide-toothed brushes for combing and brushing the hair and also not combing too much.
  • Getting a hair spa once every 5-6 months can improve the condition of the hair.