How to get rid of the Flu

FluFlu is also known as the Influenza in the field of medical and is one of the most common diseases in modern world. It is mainly caused by poor hygienic environment and can be easily cured or prevented. The major symptoms of the flu include a sore throat, mild fever, headache, body pain, fatigue, running nose, cough, watery eyes, rashes (not very common), feeling of cold and may also include stomach aches and loose motions.

Major causes of the flu

Following are some of the major causes of the flu:

  • Flu is a viral disease and spreads if a person eat or drinks or even inhales air containing the carrier virus. The types of virus may vary and so there are different categories of influenza depending upon the strain of virus involved.
  • This flu virus can spread from one person to other through a lot of ways such as sharing drinks, food, or hand shaking.
  • The people already infected with the virus when cough or sneeze in open air, the virus is released into the air and so if any other person inhales the same air, he/she will get infected too.

Ways to prevent the flu

There are many ways in which a person can maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent getting infected from the influenza virus. Some of these ways are as follows:

  • Keeping one’s hands clean by using a disinfectant or soap and cleaning them regularly before meals and after meals. Also by avoiding too much hand shaking with other people, one can minimize the risk of infection.
  • Never cough or sneeze with your hands covering the mouth as the germs or the virus will then transfer to your hands and might enter one’s body while eating or drinking.
  • One should avoid touching one’s face or mouth too often as germs might enter the system through tongue into the food pipe.
  • Regular exercise will improve the body’s ability to fight external viruses and germs and so will prevent the body from any such infection.
  • One should not smoke heavily and reduce the consumption of alcohol as these drugs reduce the ability of one’s immune system to fight back infection.
  • Eating green vegetables or properly cooked meat will improve the health of the individual. One should avoid eating a lot of fried and oily food and prefer eating at home rather than food outlets in the market as hygiene is always not good at such places.
  • Visiting a doctor and taking proper medicines may ease the patient’ symptoms temporarily and provide respite to the patient. Getting regular anti-viral shots from a prescribed hospital will fix the problem permanently.
  • Keeping the surroundings clean and free of dirt and garbage which is a breeding ground for such virus can prevent the spread of such infections.
  • Taking proper sleep at night and drinking plenty of fluids such as fresh juices containing vitamin C or may be oxygenated water will also help prevent flu to some extent.