How to Get Rid of Warts – Understanding the Various Techniques

Getting rid of WartsWarts are skin outgrowths that are generally black in colour and can appear on the areas such as face, neck, hands, legs, or sole. HPV or Human Papilloma virus causes warts and these are scientifically called verruca. Before we move onto how to get rid of warts, we should know the different types of this virus; however there are six varieties of warts depending on the severity and the location, namely:

  • Genital warts
  • Mosaic wart
  • Common wart
  • Plantar wart
  • Flat wart
  • Digitate wart

Warts generally go away with time, however we still need to adopt a method to get rid of warts rather than sitting at it and watch it grow. There many remedies that can help your query as to how to get rid of warts:

  1. Stick a duct tape on the warts and after six days wash the affected area with warm water followed by scrubbing. This will make the wart fall off.
  2. Apply salicylic acid on the warts after soaking the skin in warm water for 5minutes and let it dry. Remove the skin or scrub it off after a day.
  3. Vinegar application is an effective measure which makes the warts fall off along with the virus, if not kill the virus. Apply vinegar with the help of a cotton ball and then bandage the area, repeat this everyday till it falls off.
  4. Apply the inside of the banana peel or the milky sap of the milkweed or dandelion, the proteolytic enzyme in it eats the virus in the warts.
  5. Apply fig juice at least three times a day everyday to get rid of warts naturally.
  6. Placing a garlic clove during bedtime for seven days will make the wart slough off.
  7. Give yourself a pedicure with hot water, followed by application of thuja essence to get rid of warts effectively.
  8. Take a few drops of castor oil and massage on the warts before bed time and repeat for a few days to see the effect.
  9. Juice of raw potato or marigold leaves application on the affected area helps equally well to get rid of warts.
  10. Vitamin C paste or Vitamin E oil when applied can take wart off.

These are some home remedies that one can follow if you want to get rid of warts naturally, however, one can also resort to different methods if nothing really works:

  • Burn the warts at home by lighting a match and blow it off, then put the hot tip on the wart. It can be painful but this will help to get rid of warts by skin peeling. If not very sure of the procedure take a doctor’s help.
  • A doctor can even burn it off with an electric current and shave it off, which is called elctrosurgery, or you can opt for laser surgery.
  • Immunotherapy is another procedure which is used by doctors.
  • Cryotherapy is freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen is again taken care of by a doctor.
  • Medicines like cantheridin , veregan, or imiquimod can come handy under doctor’s advice.
  • Betadine or aspirin application is heard to be equally effective.

These remedies are tried and tested, however , there are many other ways to get rid of warts effectively, such as using citrus peels, toothpaste, basil, consuming capsules with garlic extract, eating foods that boost immunity, and much more. Hence, how to get rid of warts with which method is entirely on you.