How to prevent and get rid of Razor Burns the most natural way

Razor BurnsNothing irritating like razor burns, specially when it is showing off. There are days when you are in a hurry for an occasion, date or leaving for the beach and you simply use the razor lying around for a quick shave. You shave exposed parts, such as arms, legs or bikini lines and you get a burn! Not only is that it painful in feeling it also becomes painfully embarrassing with the redness showing off. So how to get rid of razor burns?

Before we get to know how to get rid of razor burns, let us see the causes that result the nasty burns:

  • Use of low quality razors that may hurt your skin.
  • Using the same blade repeatedly over a few days.
  • Repeated shaving of the same area.
  • Use of soap instead of a shaving cream.
  • Accidental swipe.
  • Hurry to go somewhere.

How to get rid of razor burns through prevention

Since we know the causes already, the basic thing that we need to ensure to avoid getting a burn is:

  • Start using quality razors with renowned brands which ensure a smooth shaving experience.
  • Replace the old blade as soon as it starts wearing off.
  • Do not bruise skin with repeated shaving as skin is a tender tissue.
  • Begin using shaving creams that are softer on skin compared to soaps.
  • Avoid being in a hurry to avoid accidents, because it is your skin!
  • Take a hot water bath before shaving or wipe the area with a cloth wet in hot water before a shaving session. This will help the skin pores open up thereby encouraging a smooth shaving experience and helping to get rid of razor burns.
  • Avoid any products with alcohol since it dehydrates the skin.
  • Start shaving in the direction of the hair, instead of in the opposite direction. Once the shaving is almost done, then you can shave in the opposite direction for a smooth surface.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly with a salicylic based product. This will help unblock the pores, thereby allowing air circulation and making the skin smooth to shave.
  • While shaving opt for shorter strokes instead of longer ones.
  • Once done with shaving, apply an aftershave to moisturize the skin thereby smoothening it and to help get rid of any razor burns in future.

How to get rid of razor burns naturally:

  • Tea tree oil can treat any burn or abrasives and help to get rid of razor burn equally well.
  • Do not touch or rub the bump or the burn in order to avoid further inflammation.
  • Avoiding body sprays or similar items is the smartest option to get rid of razor burns quickly.
  • While the burn is present use a single blade razor.
  • Apply a paste of cucumber and milk to get rid of razor burns.
  • Corn starch application on the affected area for 20 minutes is another effective remedy believed to get rid of razor burns fast.

The above precautionary measures and the home remedies can help you to get rid of razor burns quite effectively. However, there are a lot of other methods known to many that works equally well. Therefore, how to get rid of razor burns is no more an unsolved query!