No Sugar Coating This: How to Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

AntsIf you just sit and notice ants, you will find that they move with incredible harmony and gusto! The saying, ’As dedicated as an Ant’ has not been coined without a reason. One of the most common infesters of home, ants are truly domestic creatures. Although you might find them outdoors, being around your kitchen is the most convenient food source for them. Before we talk about how to get rid of sugar ants, we must acquaint ourselves with them.

Sugar ants are big ants with a black heads and brown bodies. They will usually visit your homes around spring and set up their nests in a warm, dark and moist place. They make holes in wood and walls, they are also found in roots, twigs and stems of plants. Their bites aren’t as painful and they are mostly nocturnal in nature. They live in big colonies with the queen as the most important ant in the colony.

The good thing in the solutions for how to get rid of sugar ants is that a lot of natural homemade remedies seem to work. All you need is patience and persistence.

Some of the common home remedies on how to get rid of sugar ants are as below :

  1. Vinegar is one of the easiest solutions that have been used for centuries to take care of ant infestations. It can be mixed with water and can used to mop the floor and kitchen top to help get rid of sugar ants.
  2. Lemon Juice is also an easy solution to get rid of sugar ants. It can be sprinkled on the path of the ants and also near their nest for an effective solution.
  3. Other natural remedies like cinnamon and coffee powder also work when applied to affected areas.
  4. Bleach also has the ability of being a good deterrent against sugar ants. Wipe the areas where food is eaten or kept with bleach to avoid ants from infesting it.
  5. You can also use baking powder mixed with powdered sugar and place them in strategic areas that are prone to be infested.
  6. Chalk lines have proven to be effective solutions on how to get rid of sugar ants. Sprinkling some Diatomaceous Earth outside your house is almost a sure shot solution to the sugar ant problem.

In case of any infestation in your house ,keeping things clean and simple will always help. Make sure that your trash bins are routinely emptied. Keep your kitchen and dining table devoid of food crumbs.

Another useful tip on how to get rid of sugar ants is setting up bait. This is kind of like fooling the ants and making them eat what you want them to eat. You can mix some boric acid with food and make sure that any other temptations for ants are cleaned up. When the ants consume this bait, they will die almost immediately.

It is important to know that killing a few ants will not help you get rid of sugar ants. They live in large colonies and unless you don’t kill all the mating ants along with the queen ant, there will always be more.

Don’t fret over how to get rid of sugar ants. If you look closely, the most effective solutions are right in your kitchen.