Ruffle the Dandruffs

DandruffsDandruff is a huge problem mainly for those who have long hair.  It is basically a fungal infection caused both by over-oiliness and dryness. Staying out in dust and pollution for long time coupled with sun and sweat attract grime, soot etc. leaving the scalp greasy. And eventually not washing hair properly and regularly triggers dandruff infestation real fast. At times, it is embarrassing as those white flaky substances are visible on scalp; and alarming because it causes hairfall. Sometimes, certain medical conditions and tendency to yeast infection spawn dandruff. Once the outbreak happens, a complete riddance is too cumbersome a job – Time, as well as pocket consuming.

Cosmetic remedies:

Some reputable brands offer diverse hair care ranges, which are, in most cases, truly effective. Like rest of the body, hair calls for regular caretaking. In today’s world there is always an impulse to look in such and such way, which becomes very difficult especially for working people. Hectic schedules, professional hazards spare nearly no time for indulging in beautification. Thus, preparing home remedies is not a feasible option all the time. One has to opt for cosmetic products available in market at whichever rate.

Oil gives essential nourishment to the hair. But over oiling causes dandruffs. Similarly, over dried hair germinates dandruff growth. Oiling every thrice to four times a week is necessary, but it needs to be washed off after keeping for a certain amount of time. Olive oil has anti-dandruff properties and thus, is very effective in eliminating dandruffs. There are various hair softening agents which prevent drying of hair. Hair serums also sometimes contain anti-dandruff properties. There are also several medicated hair tonics which can be plumped for if the growth is rampant or caused by certain medical condition.

Another possibility can be taken into account. There are companies which claim to produce items containing herbal and natural elements. Hair care ranges can be tried out considering individual requirement and the label should be checked to confirm constitution of desired ingredients. Reetha, shikakai, methi (fenugreek), Aamla (Indian gooseberry), aloe vera etc. are some such natural constituents known to eradicate dandruffs.

Natural remedies:

Natural remedies are abundant. From citron to gram flour to banana. There have to be at least more than one element at your disposal easily available at your home to treat dandruffs.

Applying lime juice mixed with cold (not chilled or refrigerated) water may give an instant effect. Gram flour mixed with yogurt not only renders smoothness to the hair but also rids it of dandruffs. Aloe vera gel is another effective ingredient – it can be readied at home by extracting the juice from leaves or it is available commercially. Aloe juice can be applied on scalp directly or mixed with various other ingredients like fenugreek, neem, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil etc. Aloe vera gel mainly work as a catalytic agent in working on dandruffs. A paste of banana removes dandruffs and also conditions the hair.

Apart from these various sort of applications, plenty of fluid intake is highly suggested. And having apple regularly shows good effect on dandruffs.