Run-down a Runny Nose

670px-Prevent-a-Runny-Nose-in-Cold-Weather-Step-1During a season-change, catching cold is the most common phenomenon and runny nose and eyes, cough are the typical symptoms of that. The ever-escalating pollution and germs add to the affliction. Increasing impurities in air give rise to a lower immune system which easily catches viruses even at nominal contact. Antibiotic pills make things even worse. Frequent consumption of such pills hampers natural resistance, causes lethargy and various other side-effects. But as widespread runny nose is, so are its remedies.

Allopathic medication is strictly subject to expert consultation. But since runny nose and cold are generally not severe, sticking to natural antidote doesn’t harm. There are certain traditional natural ingredients that have been being used since a very long time and thus, their reliability is proven. Still many, especially those residing in remote areas and have the privation of availability of sophisticated medicines, rely on these traditional, home-made cures.

Ginger, honey, mint/ basil leaves are some of the most effective and widely known natural constituents which boost the immune system and fight various symptoms of allergy, cold and flu. Ginger, when added with tea, tastes delicious and well cures catarrh. Ginger can also be chewed raw and the sharp taste provides a quick effect. Simply having honey and basil (no grinding or pasting is required) gives an instant relief too. Pure mustard oil rubbed around and inside nostrils alleviates stuffy nose. But now a day mustard oils are not as pure or sharp and thus, doesn’t give desired result.

Cilantro is an age-old fillip that can improve immunity and cure cold, flu, sore throat etc. Cilantro can be had with tea, hot water or even raw.Oregano, too, is a delicious immunity-enhancing herb rich in antioxidants. Inhaling the vapour of oregano steeped in water cures runny nose and cold and the vapour is antibacterial, antiviral, and decongesting. Other than that, taking plain water vapour, consuming warm liquid food such as soup are also advisable.

Physical activities also soothes blocked nose. A good jog around a park eases stuffy nose. Also, in case of runny nose it is best to blow the nose repeatedly to avoid taking in further infection through inhaling. A hanky soaked in hot water can be kept on face to open up the nasal passages. Repeated gentle massage on the outside surface of the nose can be relaxing too.

Some widely used and available nasal sprays are sometimes found to be very useful. Saline water also comes in commercial container especially prepared to be dropped or spayed in nose. Some of these are truly effective but should be used only after consultation with physician.

Since prevention is better than cure, measures should first be taken to avert contamination. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamin and minerals which naturally combats infectivity and boosts immune system. Vitamin Cis believed to prevent cold, runny nose and sore throat naturally. Taking in lots of fluid and keeping a clear system flushes out impurities from inside. And universally, an apple a day keeps doctor away.