Shoo Away the Stinky Skunk

Stinky SkunkSkunks are the small black and white striped, thick tailed animal notorious for spreading bad odour. It is mostly found in North America, right through United States up to Central Canada in the north and some parts of Mexico and belongs to surfeit group. Stink badgers or hog nosed skunks are found in Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Skunks prefer living in hollow places like burrows, mostly in those dug by other animals and hollow logs. Sometimes they build a hideout in the garage or underside porches. It makes warren as entrance to its burrow. Skunks always demarcate its area with grass, leaves, or even sometimes hide inside a bush.

Recognise skunk-habits and work on them for building riddance

These are found equally in both rural and urban/ developed areas and always stay near water sources. Habitually they never move far away from their dens. The unbearable odour that it spreads stays for a very long time and can no way be smothered and thus, causes nuisance in residential areas. Though this has no detrimental effect over human or animal health, it is just their defence.

Otherwise harmless skunks may cause rabies by biting if their odour gland is amputated. A recent trend has been observed to domesticate this animal. For that, the reeking liquid producing gland under their tails used to be operated by those who wanted to domesticate these furries. It has been observed that losing their defence they bit people which caused rabies. So, skunk can either be annoying or perilous.

There are various ways to get rid of the skunks as their behavioural pattern is very common and much known. Skunks always need an unhampered food and water supply. This animal eats nuts, berries, crab-apples, various other fruits. If these things are in the vicinity of household, they are to be completely eliminated in order to cut the food-supply of the skunks. As skunks are voracious lack of food may cause them to move away.

Even this measure is also not foolproof for getting rid of skunks. By nature, they are scavenger and can survive solely on garbage. Then, in a skunk inhabited locality, it becomes important to adopt certain implementations. Wastes are not to be dumped in an open space. Lidded trashcans are preferable or everyday removal of trashes at someplace away from the skunk inhabited locality. If all these fail, simply plonk lumbers at the burrows. Skunks hide inside bushes, so shrubs, hedges near households can be trimmed down.

Skunks are nocturnal and stay away from bright lights. Powerful lamps can be installed at driveways, garages, backyard etc. Sensored sprinkler can be put in the lawn areas to chase off the skunks. Some effective deterrents can be opted for such as dog urinations, pepper spray, citrus peels etc. which will frighten them.

Traps can be installed to catch skunks but releasing it requires skill and caution. As said before, though in most cases skunks are harmless, chances are there of their attack. So, it’s better to handover skunk-catching to animal control agencies.